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Student studying law at CambridgeIn the first instance, please read the relevant course information available on this website and on the University's website. Hard copies can be obtained by writing to:

The Faculty of Law
10 West Road
Cambridge CB3 9DZ
United Kingdom

Undergraduate Courses

For further details about the Law Tripos, and admission to read for the BA Degree, see the dedicated website, and the University of Cambridge Undergraduate Prospectus (obtainable from the Cambridge Admissions Office).

Prospective undergraduates should apply, in accordance with the procedure described in the University of Cambridge Undergraduate Prospectus, not later than 15 October (and preferably earlier) in the calendar year preceding the one in which they wish to come to Cambridge. An applicant may apply for deferred entry to enable him or her to have a 'year out' before starting at Cambridge.

There is no procedure whereby late applications for admission in the same calendar year (e.g. after better than expected 'A' level examination results) can be considered.

Admission of undergraduates to Cambridge is entirely a matter for colleges. The Law Faculty has no role in that regard. Accordingly, prospective applicants should normally address any enquiries to the Tutor for Admissions of one of the colleges and not to the Law Faculty office. There are no Faculty or course requirements over and above the University's entry requirements. The Law Faculty holds an open day in early July at which it is usually possible to meet members of the Faculty.

Mature students

Applicants aged 21 or over who have not previously completed a course of higher education may apply for admission as mature students. The University of Cambridge Undergraduate Prospectus has a special section dealing with such applications from which it will be seen that the usual formal educational requirements may be waived.

Affiliated students

Graduates of other institutions (in whatever subject) may apply to a college for admission to study law as an affiliated student. An affiliated student can obtain the Cambridge B.A. degree in two years rather than the usual three - if studying law, the usual pattern would be to take Tripos IB at the end of the first year and Tripos II at the end of the second year. This two year course is recognised and referred to by the professional legal bodies as a Senior Status Law Degree. The application procedure for admission as an affiliated student is set out in the University of Cambridge Undergraduate Prospectus.

Post-Graduate Courses


For more information on applying for the LLM see the course web pages.

PhD, MLitt, LLD etc

For further details about applications to undertake research please refer to the Postgraduate Research pages.