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Cambridge students who take part in the Erasmus scheme are offered the opportunity to study law in the Universities of Poitiers (France), Regensburg (Germany), Utrecht (the Netherlands) and the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain) for a full academic year. They can do so between their second and third years of study in Cambridge.


Outgoing students must pass the exams that are set in the partner universities. These exams take place at the end of the academic year and sometimes at the end of each term as well. Incoming students from Poitiers, Regensburg, Utrecht and Madrid have the choice of studying three papers (chosen from Groups I to IV) in the Tripos list of subjects found in the Faculty Handbook, or studying two papers (again from Groups 1 to IV), participating in a seminar course and submitting an essay on a prescribed subject. It should be noted however, that studying law in Cambridge for a year does not provide for the relevant professional exemptions.  

Financial Considerations

Tuition fees

Home/EU students, as from 2014/15, will be required to pay 15% of their tuition fees for the academic year spent in one of the partner universities under the Erasmus programme. Overseas students will be required to pay for half of their tuition fees under the Erasmus programme. All students are exempt from paying College fees during their year abroad. If you benefit from a local education authority grant, it should be extended for the year you spend abroad, and you should ensure that you inform them in writing that you will be taking part in the Erasmus scheme.

Erasmus grant

Students may also be offered an Erasmus grant (or 'mobility' grant) during their year abroad. The amount offered varies from one year to the next, and cannot be guaranteed. If candidates are offered an Erasmus grant it should be noted that the grant is a top-up rather than a maintenance grant.