University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law

Subject Papers

Group I

Paper 1. Civil Law I

Paper 2. Constitutional Law

Paper 3. Criminal Law

Paper 4. Law of Tort

Group II

Paper 10. Law of Contract

Paper 11. Land Law

Paper 12. International Law

Group III

Paper 13. Civil Law II

Paper 20. Administrative Law

Paper 21. Family Law

Paper 22. Legal History

Paper 23. Criminology, Sentencing and the Penal System

Paper 25. Criminal Procedure and Evidence

Paper 26. European Union Law

Paper 42. Intellectual Property

Paper 46. Comparative Law

Paper 47. Jurisprudence

Group IV

Paper 24. Equity

Paper 40. Commercial Law

Paper 41. Labour Law

Paper 43. Company Law

Paper 44. Aspects of Obligations

Paper 45. Conflict of Laws

Paper 48. Banking Law (Half Paper)

Paper 48. Civil Procedure (Half Paper)

Paper 48. Competition Law (Half Paper)

Paper 48. EU Environmental and Sustainable Development Law (Half Paper)

Paper 48. European Human Rights Law (Half Paper)

Paper 48. Historical Foundations of the British Constitution (Half Paper)

Paper 48. Landlord and Tenant Law (Half Paper)

Paper 48. Law and Development (Half Paper)

Paper 48. Law of Taxation (Half Paper)

Paper 48. Personal Property Law (Half Paper)

Paper 48. Topics in Legal and Political Philosophy (Half Paper)

Seminar. Ethics and the Criminal Law (Tripos Seminar)

Seminar. Family in Society (Tripos Seminar)

Seminar. Law and Economics (Tripos Seminar)

Seminar. Public Law (Tripos Seminar)

Seminar. Select Issues in International Law (Tripos Seminar)

Seminar. The Legal Process: Justice and Human Rights (Tripos Seminar)

Seminar. Women and the Law (Tripos Seminar)