University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law

Comparative Family Law and Policy (LL.M.)


This course offers students the opportunity to study the principles and policies underlying modern family law, at a level which is not possible in an undergraduate family law course. A comparative approach is adopted for most topics and the increasingly relevant international dimension in family law is also explored. It is an aim of the course that family law should be seen in its wider social context and students are encouraged to make use of materials other than the traditional statutory and judicial materials. The course is sufficiently flexible to allow attention to be given to issues of immediate relevance or particular topical interest. The areas to be covered in 2013-2014, and order of seminars, are expected to be the following:

  1. Introductory meeting: overview of the course.
  2. Legal regulation of adult relationships.
  3. Same-sex relationships
  4. Gender
  5. Divorce.
  6. Family property and finances.
  7. Property and finances on divorce
  8. Marital Agreements and other Family Contracts.
  9. Property and Financial Consequences of Cohabitation Breakdown.
  10. Succession.
  11. The Elderly and Carers.
  12. Domestic Violence
  13. Parenthood and Parental Responsibility.
  14. Private Law Disputes Relating to Children.
  15. Child Protection and Adoption.
  16. The Child in International Law.