University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law

Constitutional Law of the European Union (LL.M.)


1. Introduction and Evolution of the EU Institutional Foundations

2. The Political and Legislative Stgructure of the EU. The Democratic Deficit

3. The Problem of Competence, Subsidiarity and Proportionality

4. Executive Power in the EU

5. The Judicial Structure of the EU and the Role of the CJEU Doctrinal Foundations and Characterisation

6. Direct Effect

7. Primacy, National Reception and Conflict

8. Federalism, Constitutiionalism, Postnationalism Normative Foundations: The Rule of Law and Judicial Protection

9. General Principles of Law: Non-Discrimination and Fundamental Rights

10. The Charter and EU Accession to ECHR

11. The Rule of Law

12. The Court of Justice as Arbiter of the System: Problems of Legitimacy Cracks in the Foundations? The Challenge of Managing Diversity

13. Differentiated Integration Inside and Outside the EU

14. The Euro Area Crisis and Further Economic Integration

15. The Single Market and the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice

16. Revision