University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law

Constitutional Law of the European Union (LL.M.)

  1. The System and its Evolution
    1. Introduction and Basics
    2. The Evolution of the EU (I): Institutions
    3. The Evolution of the EU (II): Measures and Judicial Control
    4. The Judicial Structure of the EU and the Role of the ECJ
    5. The Democratic Deficit and Sources of Legitimacy
  2. A Multilevel System of Governance
    1. Separation of Competences in the EU. Choice of Legal Basis
    2. Subsidiarity and Proportionality. Choice of Legal Instrument.
    3. Direct Effect
    4. Primacy, National Reception and Conflict
    5. General Principles of Law, Fundamental Rights, Accession to the ECHR
    6. The EU and International Law
    7. Looking at the EU from the Point of View of Federalism
    8. The Court of Justice as Arbiter of the System: Problems of Legitimacy
  3. Selected Topics
    1. The Single Market and the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
    2. Citizenship of the EU
    3. The Eurozone Crisis and Economic Integration/ Revision