University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law

EU Trade Law (LL.M.)

  1. The theory of EU trade law. The rationale underpinning free trade; the need for Union regulation; the form that this regulation takes, focusing in particular on arguments concerning regulatory competition.
  2. The internal market. Evolution of the Courtís case law on the free movement of goods from Dassonville to Keck; evolution of the Courtís case law on free movement of persons (from Van Binsbergen to Sšger). Brief outline of case law on free movement of workers and establishment; the nineties: Keck, Gebhard and Alpine; recent developments and problematic aspects of the Courtís case law.
  3. Consumer protection. The Role and Development of EU Consumer Law; Harmonising Directives and Market Integration; the Relationship between Consumer Law and Competition Law.
  4. EU Law and the Internet. Theories of internet governance. Data Protection and Privacy. E-commerce and Intellectual Property in the information society.
  5. EU External Trade Law. The EU status as a custom union under WTO rules. The relevance of WTO rules to the economic interests of the Union. The EUís extension of its regulatory policies to the external domain by means of free trade agreements. The regulation of the internal marketing of imports for non-economic reasons. The EUís protection of domestic producers from foreign competition by means of Ďtrade defence instrumentsí (antidumping, anti-subsidy and safeguard measures).