University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law

Professor Sir John H Baker


St Catharine's College

Q.C., LL.B., Ph.D. (Lond.), M.A., LL.D. (Cantab.), Hon. LL.D. (Chicago), F.B.A.;

Downing Professor Emeritus of the Laws of England


English legal history, especially in the early-modern period: history of the legal profession and the inns of court; manuscript law reports and readings.

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Barrister (Inner Temple and Gray's Inn), Honorary Bencher (Inner Temple and Gray's Inn);

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Publication 2296 Reports from the Time of Henry VIII (Selden Society)

Publisher Selden Society
Published Mar 2004

Publication 2303 The Reports of John Caryll (Vols I & II) (Ed) (Selden Society (v. 115-116))

Publisher Selden Society (v. 115-116)
Published Mar 1999
ISBN 10 0854231358
ISBN 13 0854231404
Available at heffers

Publication 2309 Readings and Moots at the Inns of Court (Vol II) (Ed) (Selden Society (v. 105))

Publisher Selden Society (v. 105)
Published Mar 1990
Co Authors Samuel Thorne

Publication 2313 Manual of Law French (Scolar Press) 2nd Edition

Publisher Scolar Press
Published Mar 1990
ISBN 10 0859677451
ISBN 13 978-0859677455
Available at heffers

Publication 2312 The Order of Serjeants at Law (Selden Society)

Publisher Selden Society
Published Mar 1984

Publication 2314 The Reports of Sir John Spelman (Vols I & II) (Ed) (Selden Society (v. 93-94))

Publisher Selden Society (v. 93-94)
Published Mar 1976
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