University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law

Professor John R Spencer

Murray Edwards

MA (Cambridge), LL.B. (Cambridge), LL.D. (Cambridge), QC (honoris causa)

Professor Emeritus of Law


Criminal Procedure and Criminal Evidence; Comparative law; Criminal Law; Tort and Contract; Medical Law.

President of the European Criminal Law Association (UK) (ECLA(UK)).

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Lecturing & Supervising

Supervises Criminal Law.


Publication 2222 Criminal Law: Theory and Doctrine (Hart Publishing) 4th Edition

Publisher Hart Publishing
Published Aug 2010
ISBN 10 184113922X
ISBN 13 9781841139227
Co Authors G.R. Sullivan, A.P. Simester and G.J. Virgo
Available at heffers

Publication 1585 La procédure pénale anglaise (Que sais-je? series) (Presses universitaires de France)

Publisher Presses universitaires de France
Published Jan 1998

Publication 1586 The Evidence of Children - the Law and the Psychology (Blackstone Press) 2nd Edition

Publisher Blackstone Press
Published Nov 1993
ISBN 10 1854312189
ISBN 13 978-1854312181
Co Authors Rhona Flin
Available at heffers
Book Chapters

Publication 2285 "English law" in Giudicelli-Delage (Ed), Le droit pénal des affaires (PUF 2006), pp. 62-116

Publisher PUF 2006
Pages 62-116
Published Mar 2006
ISBN 10 2130555535
ISBN 13 978-2130555537
Authors Giudicelli-Delage (Ed)
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