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Professor Lionel Bently

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 : Room 2, 13 Park Terrace


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Associated Lecturers

Emmanuel College

B.A. Law 1986 (University of Cambridge)

Herchel Smith Professor of Intellectual Property; Director of CIPIL


Intellectual Property. History of Copyight, History of Trade Marks, History of Patents. Breach of Confidence.

CV / Biography

Born July 2, 1964. Formerly Lecturer in Law, University of Keele; Professor of Law, King's College, London. Yong Shook Lin Visiting Professor, National University of Singapore (2007); Visiting Professor of European Law, Columbia University (2008); Visiting Distinguished Professor, University of Toronto (2014).

Associate Tenant, 11 South Square, Grays Inn.

Series Editor, Cambridge Intellectual Property and Information Law. Editorial Board, European Intellectual Property Review; Media and Arts Law Review; and Script-ed (on-line publication, University of Edinburgh).

Member, Copyright Expert Panel, Strategic Advisory Board on Intellectual Property (2008-10). Council Member, Intellectual Property Institute and Executive Board Member, British Literary and Artistic Copyright Association. Advisory Board, Institute of Brands and Innovation Law, UCL; Osgoode Hall IP Programme. Honorary Legal Advisor, Royal Historical Society.

Member, ITER, Sophistication vs. Transparency, International Network (2002-5), organised by University of Nijmegen/University of Amsterdam and the Wittem Group of European Copyright Academics Considering a European Copyright Code.

Member, AHRB Copyright Network Workshop, organised by Birkbeck College, London (2004-7).

Lecturing & Supervising

Lectures and supervises Intellectual Property.


Publication 2219 The Common Law of Intellectual Property (Ed) (Hart Publishing)

Publisher Hart Publishing
Published Aug 2010
ISBN 10 184113970X
ISBN 13 9781841139708
Co Authors Catherine Ng and Giuseppina D'Agostino
Available at heffers

Publication 1343 The Making of Modern Intellectual Property Law (Cambridge University Press)

Publisher Cambridge University Press
Published Aug 1999
ISBN 13 9780521057134
Co Authors Brad Sherman (translated into Arabic (2003) (trans. ) and Chinese (2007) (trans. Haijun Jin)
Available at heffers
Book Chapters

Publication 1355 "Computer Programs Directive" in T. Dreier & P. B. Hugenholtz (Ed), Concise Copyright Law (Kluwer Law International)

Publisher Kluwer Law International
Published Jul 2006
ISBN 10 9041123849
ISBN 13 978-9041123848
Authors T. Dreier & P. B. Hugenholtz (Ed)
Available at heffers
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