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Dr Michael Waibel

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 : LCIL, Room 8


 : 01223 748765

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 : Second Ct, P3


 : 01223 764857

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Jesus College

Mag. iur., Dr. iur. (Wien), MSc. (LSE), LL.M. (Harvard)

University Lecturer; Harvard Link Coordinator; Deputy Director Lauterpacht Centre for International Law


Public international law, international economic law, dispute settlement, law and economics

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Please send any correspondence to

Lauterpacht Centre for International Law

5 Cranmer Road

CB3 9BL Cambridge

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Attorney & Counsellor at Law (NY)

Lecturing & Supervising

Lectures and supervises European Union Law and International Law.

Book Chapters

Publication 4170 "Sovereign Bonds" in M Audit and S Schill (Ed), The internationalization of public contracts (Bruylant)

Publisher Bruylant
Published Dec 2014
Authors M Audit and S Schill (Ed)

Publication 4193 "Staateninsolvenzen in historischer Sicht" (Ed) in Kodek, Georg Reinisch, August (Ed), Staateninsolvenz (Bank Verlag)

Publisher Bank Verlag
Published Aug 2012
Authors Kodek, Georg Reinisch, August (Ed)

Publication 2669 "Staateninsolvenzen in historischer Sicht" in Georg Kodek and August Reinisch (Ed), Staateninsolvenzen (Springer)

Publisher Springer
Published Jun 2011
Authors Georg Kodek and August Reinisch (Ed)
Case Notes

Publication 2810 "State insolvency: options for the way forward" (International Law Association, Study Group on Sovereign Insolvency, Aug 2010)

Body/Insitution International Law Association, Study Group on Sovereign Insolvency
Reference Number
Published Aug 2010
Co Authors Philip Wood, Brian Hunt

Publication 4189 "Subnational Insolvency: Cross-Country Experiences and Lessons" (World Bank Policy Research, Aug 2008) 4496

Body/Insitution World Bank Policy Research
Reference Number 4496
Published Aug 2008
Co Authors Liu, Lili