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Dr Mark Elliott

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St Catharine's College

MA, PhD (Cantab)

Reader in Public Law


My research interests lie in the field of public law, broadly conceived. I have published widely in that area, addressing such matters as judicial review, devolution, local government, parliamentary sovereignty, judicial control of prerogative power, public sector ombudsmen, tribunals, public inquiries and the nature and implications of bills of rights. My most recent books are the second edition of Public Law (with Robert Thomas) and the fourth edition of Beatson, Matthews and Elliott's Administrative Law: Text and Materials. I am currently editing (with David Feldman) The Cambridge Companion to Public Law and (with Hanna Wilberg) a collection of essays entitled The Scope and Intensity of Substantive Review: Traversing Michael Taggart’s Rainbow. I am the author of a blog about public law, and can be found on Twitter as @DrMarkElliott. Further information about my academic interests and publications can be found on my personal website. The full text of some of my papers can be accessed via my SSRN author page


CV / Biography

I am a Reader in Public Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge, and a Fellow of St Catharine's College, Cambridge, where I am Director of Studies for Parts IA and IB of the Law Tripos. I am also Legal Adviser to the House of Lords Constitution Committee. In addition, I am a Fellow of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law's Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law, and in 2011 was the New Zealand Legal Research Foundation's Visiting Scholar at The University of Auckland. I am the receipient of a University of Cambridge Pilkington Prize for Excellence in University Teaching. 

Lecturing & Supervising

Lectures and supervises Administrative Law and Constitutional Law.


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Book Chapters

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Case Notes

Publication 3892 "Response to Government Consultation Paper: Judicial Review: Proposals for Further Reform" (Nov 2013)

Published Nov 2013
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Co Authors John Allison, John Bell, David Feldman, Christopher Forsyth, Bob Hepple, David Howarth, Kirsty Hughes, Stephanie Palmer and Emma Waring
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