University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law

Mrs Nicola (Nicky) Padfield

Fitzwilliam College

Reader in Criminal and Penal Justice


I have a very broad academic lens, interested in all things criminal, from substantive law, through procedure and evidence to sentencing, and what goes on in prison (and post-sentence enforcement generally).  I am engaged in both ‘hard’ law and in socio-legal-criminological research, in England and in Europe.  My main research interest is sentencing law, especially into the law and practice of release from (and recall to) prison.

CV / Biography

I have worked for more than 20 years at the University of Cambridge.  A barrister by training, I also sit as a Recorder (part-time judge) in the Crown Court and am a Bencher of the Middle Temple.

Lecturing & Supervising

Publication 3275 Release from Prison: European policy and practice (Ed) (willan)

Publisher willan
Published Sep 2010
ISBN 10 978-1-84392-741-9
Co Authors van zyl smit and dunkel
Available at heffers

Publication 2727 Release from Prison – Eurpoean Policy and Practice (Ed) (Willan)

Publisher Willan
Published Jan 2010
ISBN 10 1-843927-41-1
ISBN 13 978-1-84392-741-9
Co Authors Dirk van Zyl Smith and Frieder Dünkel
Available at heffers

Publication 1807 A Guide to the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (Butterworths)

Publisher Butterworths
Published Jul 2002
ISBN 13 9780406956538
Co Authors Biggs, S, and Farrell, S
Available at heffers

Publication 1805 A Guide to the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 (Butterworths)

Publisher Butterworths
Published Oct 1998
ISBN 10 040690524X
ISBN 13 9780406905246
Available at heffers
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