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PhD title: The Inventive Concept and the Structure of Patent Law


    My PhD research is about notions of invention and inventiveness in patent law. My focus is doctrinal and comparative and places particular emphasis on the fluid jurisprudential notions of 'inventive concept' and 'technical contribution' in UK patent law.
    More broadly, I am interested in the intersections between law, science, and technology. This includes all areas of intellectual property law as well as privacy (particularly around national security and health), data protection, medical law, and Internet law.

      Start Date

      Apr 2011

      End date

      Aug 2015

      Education CV


        Bachelor of Civil Law (master's degree), University of Oxford (2009)
        Bachelor of Law (Hons), University of Western Australia (2006)
        Bachelor of Science (Hons), Australian National University (2004)

        Professional qualifications

          Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, Skills and Ethics, Griffith University (2008)
          Admitted to practice in New South Wales and the High Court of Australia (2008)

            Professional experience

              Speechwriter for the Director General, World Intellectual Property Organization (2010-11)
              Graduate Lawyer, Minter Ellison Lawyers (2008)
              Sessional Lecturer, University of New South Wales (2008)
              Judicial Associate to the President, Administrative Appeals Tribunal, and Federal Court of Australia (2007)

              Teaching experience

              LLM Intellectual Property, LLM International Intellectual Property (Faculty of Law, Cambridge)
              Law and Science (Department of History and Philosophy of Science, Cambridge)
              Administrative Law (Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales)


                Studentship to the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition (2012)
                Cambridge Poynton Australia Scholarship to the University of Cambridge (2011-14)
                Commonwealth Scholarship to the United Kingdom (2008-09)

                Fields of research

                Intellectual property, law and technology, property theory, administrative law, internet and information law, EU law

                Representative Publications

                'Data Flow Management and Compliance in Cloud Computing' (2015) IEEE Cloud Computing. Special Issue: Legal Clouds - Balancing Privacy with Legitimate Surveillance and Lawful Data Access, forthcoming (with J Singh, T Pasquier and J Bacon)

                'Expressing and Enforcing Location Requirements in the Cloud using Information Flow Control' (2015) IEEE Cloud Computing. Proc 1st International Workshop on Legal and Technical Issues in Cloud Computing 410 (with TFJ Pasquier)  

                'United Kingdom Patent Decisions 2014' (2015) 46 International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law 221

                'Chakrabarty's Mission to Bug Cancer and Save Patent Law' (2014) 9 Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice 342

                ‘Alice v. CLS Bank: United States Supreme Court Establishes General Patentability Test’ (2014) 4 WIPO Magazine 14

                'United Kingdom Patent Decisions 2013' (2014) 45 International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law 201

                'Replacement of Parts and Patent Infringement' (2013) 72 Cambridge Law Journal 518

                'Industrial Applicability of Bioscience Inventions in the Supreme Court' (2012) 71 Cambridge Law Journal 50

                'Dynamics of Stomatal Water Relations Following Leaf Excision' (2006) 29 Plant, Cell & Environment 981 (with TN Buckley, AB Nicotra and GD Farquhar)

                Works in progress

                'Patent Eligibility and the Inventive Concept: Comparing US and UK Law' (on parallels and divergences between the post-Mayo and Alice SCOTUS consensus on patent eligibility and UK law)

                'The Case That Won't Be Forgotten' (on the right to delist from search engine results and its broader legal and political dimensions) in 47 Loy. U. Chi. L. J. 

                General readership





                Dissertation Supervisor/s

                Professor Lionel Bently and Dr Kathy Liddell