University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law

Wednesday 14th November 2012, 13:00

CELS Lunchtime Seminar: 'The Citizenship Paradigm'

A Lecture by Professor Dimitry Kochenov, University of Groningen


Professor Dimitry Kochenov will speak on the topic of 'The Citizenship Paradigm'.

In this paper I will discuss a new approach to the justification of the European integration project, which is decipherable in the latest CJEU case-law and moves away from the market rationale, focusing instead on the enlargement of the horizon of opportunities offered to the individuals in the EU context. In this new context it is EU citizenship, not the Internal Market, which comes to occupy the central place in the EU. The new approach infuses EU law with the idea of justice akin to that formulated by Sen and allows to bridge integration with the broadening of individual capabilities and the constant need for justification, which comes down to a particular type of constitutionalism, promoted by the EU in all the Member States. All these elements make up the Citizenship paradigm of European integration.



Wednesday 14th November 2012



1:00pm (with a sandwich lunch, from 12:45pm)



B16, Faculty of Law

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