University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law

Thursday 15th November 2012, 17:30

Centre for Public Law Seminar: 'A Right to Administrative Justice?'

Professor Christopher Forsyth (University of Cambridge) will give a CPL evening seminar entitled "A Right to Administrative Justice?".

In its second consultation paper, the Commission on a UK Bill of Rights asks whether any such Bill of Rights should contain a right to administrative justice. This raises fundamental questions about the law of judicial review, including: whether the values protected by it can properly be regarded as "rights"; how any such "rights" would relate to the existing grounds of review; and whether a statutory catalogue of such "rights" would clarify or add needless complexity to the law.

Seminars will take place in the Moot Court Room of the Law Faculty Building.

Faculty Members and Visitors, Ph.D students and LL.M. Public Law students are welcome. For more information contact Mark Elliott (