University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law

Thursday 8th November 2012, 17:30

Institute of Criminology Public Seminars: 'New Theory and Evidence on Police Legitimacy'

The Institute of Criminology, University of CambridgeSpeaker: Dr Justice Tankebe, Lecturer, Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge.

In this seminar, Dr Tankebe reflects on the meaning of police legitimacy. His concern is to outline and defend a conception of police legitimacy that views it as multidimensional in character, comprising police lawfulness, procedural justice, distributive justice, and effectiveness. From this perspective, Dr. Tankebe offers a critique of the current prominent understanding of police legitimacy that often equates it with feelings of obligation to obey police directives. Using data from a household survey of 5,200 Londoners, he examines the relative influence of legitimacy and obligation in shaping cooperation with the police.

Dr. Justice Tankebe is a Lecturer at the Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge. His research interests include legitimacy and criminal justice, comparative criminology, and social theory.

This seminar starts at 5.30pm,and will be held in Seminar Room B3, Institute of Criminology, Sidgwick Ave, Cambridge, CB3 9DA. A drinks reception in the basement foyer will follow this seminar for attendees.

The IoC Public Seminar Series is open to all interested in attending, with no ticket required. If you wish to be added to the seminar mailing list, please contact: Joanne Garner, on:

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