University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law

Wednesday 30th January 2013, 13:00

CELS Lunchtime Seminar: 'The Role of the European Central Bank in the Financial Crisis'

A lecture by Dr Dan Wilsher, City Law School, London

Dr Dan Wilsher will speak on the topic of "The Role of the European Central Bank in the Financial Crisis".

The ECB was originally constructed as a narrow bank with a remit to secure price stability. During the crisis, this remit has expanded enormously in practice without any legal change being made to the Treaty. Most recently, the ECB said that it would be a lender of last resort to governments. This talk examines the legal, political and economic factors behind the transformation of the ECB.

Date    :  Wednesday 30th January 2013

Time    :  1pm (with a sandwich lunch from 12.45pm)

Venue  :  B16, Faculty of Law

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