University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law

Thursday 14th February 2013, 17:30

Centre for Public Law Seminar: 'The End of the Boundary Between Domestic and International Law?'

Veronika Fikfak (University of Cambridge) will give a CPL evening seminar entitled "The End of the Boundary Between Domestic and International Law?".

Traditionally, international law is taught as separate from domestic. For international law to be relevant in the domestic context, it has to be made 'part' of domestic law. When and under what conditions this will occur is left for the legislature and the executive. Once the political branches decide to bring international rules into domestic law, international rules form 'part' of domestic, yet the law that is applied is of domestic nature, not international. The distinction between the domestic and international sphere is therefore rigidly maintained. In response to this traditional view, which gives great power to the political branches, the presentation will show how the recent practice of domestic courts has put the boundary between the international and the domestic under question and asserted courts as primary organs giving force to international law.

Seminars will take place in the Moot Court Room of the Law Faculty Building.

Faculty Members and Visitors, Ph.D students and LL.M. Public Law students are welcome. For more information contact Mark Elliott (