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Thursday 7th February 2013, 17:30

Institute of Criminology Public Seminars: 'Parenting interventions for reducing child antisocial behaviour: how well do they transport from country to country? Evidence from a systematic review'

The Institute of Criminology, University of CambridgeSpeaker: Frances Gardner, Professor of Child and Family Psychology, Oxford University.

Parenting interventions are one very promising evidence-based strategy for early prevention of crime and antisocial behaviour. As a result, governments and NGOs in diverse countries across the world have called for their wider implementation. At the same time, many researchers and policy makers caution that psychosocial interventions may not ‘transport’ easily from one country to another, given that cultural norms - especially around the parenting of children - vary so much across contexts. However, no reviews have systematically examined the evidence-base for these assertions, especially in a crosscountry context. This seminar reports on a novel systematic review which examines i) how strong is the evidence for effectiveness of parenting interventions when they are moved from the country in which they were developed, to another country? ii) what factors affect transportability, including cultural, income and regional differences between countries?

Frances Gardner is Professor of Child and Family Psychology, Department of Social Policy and Intervention, Oxford University. She is co-Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Intervention, and Fellow of Wolfson College. She was founding director of Oxford’s novel graduate programme in Evidence-Based Social Intervention. Her research focuses on the development of antisocial behaviour in children, including conducting many randomised trials of parenting interventions, in UK, US and South Africa. She serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of 'Blueprints for Violence Prevention', Colorado; the UK National Academy of Parenting Research, and UNODC’s Expert Panel on global family skills training.

This seminar starts at 5.30pm,and will be held in Seminar Room B3, Institute of Criminology, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 9DA. A drinks reception in the basement foyer will follow this seminar for attendees

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