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The Faculty has embarked on a major programme of recruitment to academic posts.

Seven of the posts are entirely new, representing an unprecedented expansion of the Faculty’s academic staff. Taken together, these posts will enable the Faculty both to enhance the already outstanding student experience that it is able to offer, and to strengthen research culture by adding greater depth to existing areas of expertise and widening the range of legal specialisms represented within the Faculty.

Available posts

Further information about each post, and a link to an online admissions portal, are available from the individual links below:

The Assistant Professorships were advertised in the fields of:

The other posts were advertised in the following fields:

These posts will both support the teaching of existing papers and enable the Faculty to launch a number of new papers.

The Statutory Professorship was advertised in Spring 2023, with the postholder beginning on 1 October 2024:

The Assistant Professor in Criminal Law (Fixed Term) was also advertised in Spring 2023, with the postholder beginning on 1 October 2023:

These posts are University rather than College posts. However, most University Teaching Officers (UTOs) in Law take up a fellowship at a College alongside their University post. Information about the University’s scheme concerning College fellowships and newly appointed UTOs can be found be found on the website of the Office of Intercollegiate Services. Successful candidates will be provided with additional information about this scheme in due course.

Faculty Recruitment programme webinar

On 15 December the Faculty held a webinar for anyone interested in applying for one of the new posts.

The webinar provided prospective applicants with information about the Faculty of Law, our recruitment process and the support we offer to new members of staff. Panelists also explained a little about how Cambridge works and how the Faculty fits into the collegiate structure of the University.

Alternative formats of this recording are available via the University Streaming Media Service.