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Hardship Grants from the Squire Fund

Students at the Faculty of Law CambridgeThe Faculty received a considerable trust fund endowment from the estate of Rebecca Flower Squire who died on 26 November 1898. The income from the trust fund is used to provide Scholarships in Law, and the regulations also permit the making of grants on grounds of financial hardship to resident members of the University studying law. The regulations for both scholarships and grants require (i) that the applicant is a British Citizen or a citizen of a country of the Commonwealth; and (ii) that the applicant has ‘declared in writing the sincere intention of qualifying as a barrister or a solicitor or as a teacher of law, and of practising or teaching law accordingly’ (University of Cambridge Statutes and Ordinances 2011, p. 55). In practice, the Managers of the Trust normally make hardship grants only to undergraduates because graduate students are required to confirm, prior to taking up their place at the University, that they have sufficient funds for their studies. Application forms for hardship grants from the Squire Fund are available from Mrs Helen Waring ( in the Faculty Office.

Other Funding Opportunities

The Faculty has a very limited number of trust funds from which grants can be made to students:

The Arnold McNair Scholarship Fund supports a one year Arnold McNair Scholarship in the area of international law. The Scholarship is open to any member of the University who has kept at least eight terms and who is a candidate for or has been classed in either Part IB or Part II of the Law Tripos in the year of application. Applications should be made to the Registrary not later than the day before the first day of General Admission to Degrees. The present value of the scholarship is at least £5000.

The Hersch Lauterpacht Fund is at the disposal of the Faculty Board of Law for the purpose of promoting the study of International Law in the University. Small grants to students are very occasionally made to students from this fund.

The Humanitarian Trust Fund provides for a one year studentship in Public International Law. The Scholarship is open to candidates 'who have obtained, or are likely to obtain before the end of the academical year of their candidature a degree or a diploma at a University in the Commonwealth of Nations, the United States of America, the Continent of Europe, the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem or at any other university or college approved by the Electors for the purpose of this regulation. They must also produce evidence of their fitness to engage in advanced study.' The Studentship is not tenable with a Commonwealth Fund Fellowship or a College Fellowship or emolument of similar magnitude. The value of the Scholarship is generally £1000 although the Electors may, in exceptional circumstances and where funds are available, award a more generous sum. The scholarship is only awarded once every two years and applications should be made to the Secretary of the Faculty Board by 1 January. 

The Wright Rogers Scholarship is awarded for proficiency in the study of the Laws of England. Candidates for the Scholarship must have successfully completed a course of study qualifying them for a degree in any University or similar institution in the United Kingdom and have spent at least one year in the study of law. Up to two Scholarships are awarded each year and Scholars are required to carry out research relating to the Laws of England. The tenure of the Scholarship is one year in the first instance although re-election is possible. The value of the Scholarship is determined by the Electors after taking into account any other financial resources available to the individual Scholar. Application for a Scholarship, accompanied by an outline of the candidate’s career and proposed course of study at Cambridge, should be made to the Secretary of the Faculty Board of Law by 1 August of the year in which the candidate hopes to take up the Scholarship. The present value of the scholarship is at least £3000.

The Yorke Fund provides grants to Faculty Members and graduate students to support research and teaching in connection with the study of law. Graduate students are entitled to a grant of up to £400. Application forms are available from the Secretary of the Faculty Board. The Yorke Fund also provides for the Yorke Prize. The Yorke Prize is awarded annually for an essay on a legal subject (including the history, analysis, administration and reform of law) and is open to any graduate of the University or any person who is or has been registered as a Graduate Student of the University. Candidates should first obtain the approval of the Faculty Board of Law for the proposed essay subject and, assuming approval, submit the essay to the Registrary to arrive not later than the last day of the Michaelmas Term.

Further details of all these grants can be found in the University of Cambridge Statutes and Ordinances which is available online (from a University network computer).

There are a number of other funds which are run by Colleges and the University. College Tutors can provide further information.

Other information specifically about Postgraduate research can be found on the Postgraduate Research pages.