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Please check that you have access to the assessment course containing your assessment 72 hours before the assessment is due to start. Where there are multiple options (i.e. Part IA / Part IB / Part II / ELES / LLM / MCL), please make sure that you click on the link appropriate to you. If you have any issues, contact as soon as possible.


1. Type your answers in a Word document as a single file:

i. Type your Blind Grading ID (candidate number) at the start of the document. Do not use your name or CRSid.

ii. Type the total word count at the beginning of your answers.

iii. Type the number of the question you are answering at the start of each answer.

2. When saving your Word document, include your Blind Grading ID and the paper title in the file name in that order, e.g. ‘1234A – Civil Law I’. Do not include your name or CRSid.

3. Upload and submit the file containing your answers as a Word document. Do not submit a PDF file.

By submitting your answers, you agree to adhere to the Academic Misconduct in Law Examinations 2020 rules.


7 Sept: Paper 31. Administrative law (Part IB)

7 Sept: Paper 10. Civil law I (Part IA / Part IB)

7 Sept: Paper 43. Commercial law (Part II)

7 Sept: Paper 42. Competition law (Part II)

7 Sept: Paper 32. Family law (Part IBPart II)

7 Sept: Paper 45. Intellectual property (Part II)

7 Sept: Paper 37. Jurisprudence (Part IB)

7 Sept: Paper 49. Landlord & Tenant Law (Part II)

10 Sept: Paper 35. Criminal procedure and criminal evidence (Part IB / Part II)

10 Sept: Paper 49. European environmental and sustainable development law (Part II)

10 Sept: Paper 46. Company law (Part II)

10 Sept: Paper 36. Comparative law (Part IB)

10 Sept: Paper 48. Conflict of laws (Part II)

10 Sept: Paper 11. Constitutional law (Part IA / Part IB)

10 Sept: Paper 33. Legal history (Part IB)

14 Sept: Paper 12. Criminal law (Part IA / Part II)

14 Sept: Paper 44. Labour law (Part II)

14 Sept: Paper 20. Law of Contract (Part IB)

16 Sept: Paper 21. Land Law (Part IB)

17 Sept: Paper 40. Equity (Part II)

17 Sept: Paper 13. Law of tort (Part IA / Part IB)

21 Sept: Paper 34. Criminology, sentencing, and the penal system (also serves as Paper SOC15 of the Human, Social, and Political Sciences Tripos) (Part IB / Part II)

21 Sept: Paper 49. Topics in Legal and Political Philosophy (Part II)

23 Sept: Paper 41. European Union law (Part II)

23 Sept: Paper 38. International law (Part IB)

Paper 30. Civil law II

Paper 49. Historical Foundations of the British Constitution

Paper 49. Topics in European Legal History

Paper 47. Aspects of obligations


7 Sept: Paper 10. Corporate Governance (MCL)

7 Sept: Paper 12. Intellectual Property

7 Sept: Paper 8. International Financial Law (LLMMCL)

7 Sept: Paper 25. International Human Rights Law

7 Sept: Paper 30. Jurisprudence

9 Sept: Paper 29. International Investment Law

10 Sept: Paper 3. International Commercial Litigation

10 Sept: Paper 36. International Intellectual Property Law

14 Sept: Paper 7. Corporate Insolvency Law

14 Sept: Paper 20. Law of Armed Conflict, Use of Force and Peacekeeping

14 Sept: Paper 1. Law, Medicine and Life Sciences

14 Sept: Paper 39. Legislation

16 Sept: Paper 35. History of English Civil and Criminal Law

16 Sept: Paper 34. International Law of Global Governance

17 Sept: Paper 9. Corporate Finance Law

17 Sept: Paper 5. Economics of Law and Regulation

17 Sept: Paper 15. International Environmental Law

17 Sept: Paper 4. Law of Restitution

21 Sept: Paper 41. Advanced Private Law

21 Sept: Paper 2. International Commercial Tax

21 Sept: Problems and disputed points in International Law (Whewell Scholarships in International Law)

Paper 18. External Relations Law of the EU

Paper 22. Advanced Labour Law

Paper 23. The Law of the World Trade Organization

Paper 14. Competition Law

Paper 33. Comparative Family Law and Policy

Paper 24. International Criminal Law

Paper 31. Topics in Legal and Political Philosophy

Paper 6. Law and Information