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All Law Tripos, LLM and MCL assessments will take place online in 2020–21. Assessments will take the form of open-book exams that will be completed within a period of 24 hours and subject to a word limit. This is intended to allow students to undertake a form of assessment that is close to our traditional model of assessment and, therefore, to receive appropriate preparation during the year, including the benefit of extensive guidance provided by past papers, examiners’ reports and sample answers.

The decision to adopt this assessment model was reached in the light of the feedback that the Faculty received from students and teaching staff regarding the examinations in 2019/20, the need to take account of adjustments that would otherwise apply in respect of students with disabilities, and technical considerations. In particular, it was considered imperative that the Faculty put in place an assessment model for 2020/21 that would be resilient in the face of a challenging and unpredictable public health situation, and which would provide maximum clarity and certainty for students and teaching staff from the very beginning of the academic year. In the current circumstances, the Faculty considers online assessment to be the best way of meeting those objectives.

Detailed information about online assessment as it will apply in respect of each of the Faculty’s taught degree programmes can be found via the links below: