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In September 2020, the Faculty published a set of Interactive Teaching Principles that were designed to enable consistent decisions to be taken about the circumstances in which Faculty interactive teaching would be delivered in-person and online. For these purposes, Faculty interactive teaching refers to the following:

  • Part II half paper interactive sessions
  • Part II seminar paper seminars
  • LLM interactive sessions
  • LLM workshops
  • MCL modules
  • PhD Research Training and Development Programme

When the Interactive Teaching Principles were drawn up and published in September 2020, it was hoped and expected that at least some degree of in-person teaching would be possible throughout the 2020–21 academic year. However, in line with University policy, which has been developed in the light of the Government guidance and legislation introduced as part of the England-wide lockdown that commenced on 6 January 2021, all Faculty interactive teaching in Lent Term 2021 will now take place online. This will be the case for all Law students, including those who have remained in or been permitted to return to Cambridge for some or all of the Lent Term.

The Faculty is conscious that some international students who returned home for the Christmas and New Year break will be located for the duration of Lent Term in distant time-zones. Students in this position should notify relevant paper convenors in the event that they have any scheduled teaching that would commence before 7.00 am or finish after 10.00 pm local time. In such circumstances (unless the student concerned wishes to participate in the live interactive session), a recording of the interactive session will be made available in line with the Faculty’s recording policy, together with one of the following (as agreed with the relevant lecturer):

  1. the opportunity to have a short weekly meeting with the relevant course teacher on Teams for no more than 15 mins to have an opportunity to ask questions regarding the content covered in the relevant interactive session. If more than one student is affected, this should ideally be combined in one (slightly longer) meeting; or
  2. the opportunity to have a weekly email exchange (within reasonable bounds) with the relevant course teacher to ask questions regarding the content covered in the relevant interactive session.

These Interactive Teaching Principles for Lent Term 2021 supersede the "Interactive teaching principles 2020–21" previously published on this page.