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Use of the David Williams Building

The following arrangements regarding the use of the David Williams Building have been devised in the light of relevant guidance issued by the University and by the UK Government and should be read in conjunction with that guidance. Should Government or University guidance change in a relevant respect, the arrangements for the use of the David Williams Building will be amended accordingly; members of staff and students will be notified by email of any key changes. Please also refer to the University's Stay Safe Cambridge Uni webpages, which set out the approach that is being taken in this area across the collegiate University. 

Anyone who enters or is working within the David Williams Building is strongly encouraged to wear a face covering at all times. Current exceptions are set out in the ‘Face coverings’ section below. Two-metre social-distancing is also still strongly encouraged. 

Squire Law Library

During the summer vacation 2021 the arrangements for accessing the Squire Law Library by academic staff are as follows.

Visits during advertised opening hours

Bookings during the Squire Law Library’s advertised opening hours are required for current staff and students of the University of Cambridge. Your Raven password will allow you to complete the booking.

Squire Library booking

Visits are available to book from 09:00-17:45 (Monday-Friday) and you can arrive at any time within this booking window. Pre-bookings are available 4 days in advance. Further information can be found on the ‘Plan your visit’ pages.

Visits outside of the Library’s advertised opening hours

Visiting the Squire Law Library outside the advertised opening hours (using swipe card access to the David Williams Building) does not need to be booked in advance. The NHS’s track and trace QR code is available inside the back door of the building and we ask that you scan that on arrival using the NHS’s Covid-19 App.

Services that do not require pre-booking

1. Click & collect: The Squire will still be operating its ‘scan and deliver’ service. ‘Click and collect’ will also continue as before, and collection and return of books will be extended to the period that the building is open (ie. 09.00 and 17.45). In order to collect or return books, pre-booking would not be required unless it was to coincide with a visit to the book stacks and study areas.  

2. Printing/copying and scanning: In response to requests form students we have positioned a networked MFD (multi-function device) for printing/scanning/photocopying just outside the Squire’s enquiry desk on floor 1 for use with laptops. To use this machine, pre-booking is not required as it is situated outside the library space. The other two machines that are in the library (on floor 1 and 2) would still require pre-booking. 

Face coverings 

In line with the University, the Faculty strongly recommends that face coverings be worn whilst in the David Williams Building (including the Squire Law Library, even when seated). Current exceptions are when working in a single-occupancy room with closed doors, when actively eating or drinking, or where a medical exemption applies. Arrangements for face coverings for shared offices where others are in the office at the same time are subject to agreement with line managers as a result of risk assessment of that space and will be in line with University guidance.

Social distancing 

Some areas of the David Williams Building have been configured to facilitate a minimum of 2m social distancing. Markings and signage in library areas, teaching spaces, and offices clearly indicate seats and desks that can and cannot be used in accordance with social distancing. Building users should observe social distancing measures while moving around the building. An office should not be entered without first seeking the permission of the occupier. 


Excellent hand hygiene remains a key infection control measure. Hand sanitiser is available at the entrance to and in multiple locations around the building. Everyone should use hand sanitiser on entering the building and as appropriate while in the building. 


Cleaning will take place in the building every morning. Cleaners will target 'high touch' surfaces and shared areas within the building (e.g. lift buttons, door handles, water coolers, kitchens, taps, toilets). Those using the David Williams building are encouraged to utilise antibacterial wipes, which will be available at certain high-touch and shared areas around the Faculty, such as at printers/photocopies and within each teaching room.

One-way and 'keep left' systems 

One-way and 'keep left' systems may be in place in some parts of the building, including on staircases and in some corridors. Where this is the case it is clearly indicated by signage. All building users are expected to observe one-way and 'keep left' systems where they are indicated. 

Symptoms and self-isolation 

If you have any symptoms of Covid-19, you should follow official advice regarding self-isolation and should under no circumstances enter the building. Members of staff who develop symptoms while in the building should notify their manager and then leave work immediately, thereafter following official guidance regarding self-isolation and testing. Students who develop symptoms while in the building should leave the building immediately, notify the Faculty as soon as possible (by emailing that they developed symptoms while in the building, and thereafter follow official guidance regarding self-isolation and testing and any relevant guidance issued by their College. Anyone who, while in the building, receives a notification requiring them to begin a period of self-isolation should immediately leave the building. Students who receive such notifications during a class should immediately notify their lecturer so that the lecturer can implement the protocol that the Faculty has adopted for such circumstances. 

Scanning QR Codes 

Although no longer a requirement, you are still strongly encouraged to ‘check-in’ when arriving at the David Williams Building, using the QR code posters provided. You only need scan once per visit, NHS QR codes can be found at multiple locations around the building including: on the front entrance noticeboard; at reception; outside lecture theatres; and at the Squire Law Library entrance. 

For information on using the NHS Test and Trace app/QR Codes, please see the NHS website.