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The following applies to all Tripos, LLM, MCL and PhD Students who have tested positive for COVID-19 and who are self-isolating in line with current UK Government guidance.

  1. Faculty building: We strongly encourage anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19 to follow the current guidance, which is that you should self-isolate for at least five days, and therefore ask that those who have tested positive do not come into the Faculty building during the (voluntary) self-isolation period.
  2. Lectures: Where lectures for a given paper are being delivered online on a pre-recorded basis, you will be able to view the lectures as usual. Where lectures are delivered in-person and are recorded, you may watch them remotely once they have been uploaded to Moodle. Lectures should appear on Moodle within 24 hours of being delivered, and often before. If you are unsure as to whether lectures are being recorded, please contact the convenor of the relevant course.
  3. Interactive Sessions: Most Faculty teaching that is interactive in nature is not recorded by default, although, in line with the Faculty’s recording policy for 2021-22, such teaching maybe recorded at the lecturer’s discretion (taking account of such matters as the nature and sensitivity of material likely to be discussed) and subject to consent from all involved. If you are taking a paper that includes interactive Faculty teaching (i.e., not including undergraduate supervisions, which are arranged by Colleges)—including seminars, half papers and workshops—that is not normally recorded or delivered on a hybrid basis, please write to the lecturer of the relevant course as soon as possible to let them know that you will not be able to attend for a COVID-19 related reason (e.g., because you have tested positive and will be voluntarily self-isolating), cc’ing your Director of Studies. They will advise you as to whether the interactive session will be recorded or can be delivered on a hybrid basis. If a significant number of students cannot attend a given in-person class for Covid-related reasons, a lecturer may, as an exceptional measure, decide to move that class online if that appears to be the most appropriate way forward in the circumstances.