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Faculty of Law Enters Pathway Agreement with Sydney UniversityAustralian Pathway Agreements

The Faculty has forged a trio of Pathway Agreements with top Australian Universities Sydney, Melbourne and Monash.

These agreements allow students to do three and a half years of full-time law study, comprised of five semesters in Australia and three terms at Cambridge.

Successful completion of the LLM or Masters degree in Corporate Law (MCL) at Cambridge will normally be accepted by the Australian law schools in substitution for the final semester of their home programmes.

Harvard Exchange Link

The Faculty has established a link with Harvard Law School (HLS) which facilitates arrangements for students reading for the PhD at Cambridge to spend time at Harvard and use the facilities there and similarly for Harvard SJD students to spend time in Cambridge and use the facilities here.

There are two possible schemes for Cambridge doctoral students to spend time at Harvard Law School as follows:

  • Exchange students go to HLS at the start of the semester (fall or spring) and stay for at least three months but no longer than a semester. Exchange students receive a Harvard University ID card and e-mail account, full library and gym access, and a printing account. They may participate in student organisations, activities, and listservs. Exchange students may apply to audit classes and are eligible for Harvard housing. They are responsible for paying the Harvard University health insurance fee. (Requests for students to come to HLS for a period ranging from two months to less than three months will be considered under special circumstances. If accepted, such students must start their period at HLS at the beginning of a term. They may not audit classes and may not receive Harvard housing.)
  • Exchange visitors may go to HLS through the program for up to two months at any point during the academic year or the summer. Such visitors have library access but no borrowing privileges; limited access to electronic resources may be arranged. These visitors do not receive any other benefits or services and may not audit classes.

Full details about the exchange programme, together with the application form, are available on the PhD page.