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The Faculty has an established procedure for granting visiting scholar status. If an individual wishes to be a visiting scholar at the Faculty, an established academic member of the Faculty must propose that individual and confirm that s/he knows her/him personally and that the member of the Faculty is familiar with that individual’s academic work. If the member of the Faculty wishes to support the request, nominations for Faculty visitor status are then put to the Faculty Board for consideration. If approved by the Faculty Board, visitors are given access to the Squire Law Library, as well as to the computing facilities, access to a desk in the academic study area and to the Faculty’s Senior Common Room. A monthly bench fee is charged to visitors.

The Faculty member who put the nomination to the Faculty Board acts as the visitor’s first point of contact at the Faculty, and will be able to help the visitor familiarise her/himself with the building. Unfortunately, the Faculty cannot provide research support or supervision, or provide assistance in finding accommodation for the visitor.

Please note that the Faculty cannot accept speculative applications for visitor status.

For those who are research student or who wish just to access the Squire Law Library, applications apply for access to the Library resources can be made by writing to the Squire Law Librarian, Mr David Wills ( An application from a research student should be supported by a letter from the student’s supervisor at the student’s home university.