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The Herbert Smith Freehills Visitor Scheme provides financial support for about seven academic visitors a year who wish to conduct academic research in the Cambridge Faculty of Law. The scheme is particularly well suited to visitors who wish to pursue collaborative research projects with members of the Faculty of Law, or who have been invited to teach short stints on specialised courses run in the Faculty, alongside conducting their own research.

Financial support typically consists in the payment of a return airfare from the visitor’s home country, and a contribution to his or her accommodation costs in Cambridge for a period of up to three months. Visitors enjoy the usual benefits of visitor status to the Faculty, such as bench space, and access to library and IT facilities. As a measure of Herbert Smith Freehills' commitment to high-quality interaction between legal academics and practitioners, visitors are often invited to speak at the firm's office in London.

Visitors in recent years have included

  • Dr Deidre Ahern, Trinity College Dublin
  • Professor Simon Bronitt, University of Queensland
  • Dr Daniel Carr, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Eric Descheemaeker, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Paul Du Plessis, University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Francois Lichere, University of Aix-Marseilles
  • Professor Paul Mevis, ERASMUS University, Rotterdam
  • Mrs Jessica Palmer, University of Otago
  • Professor Tanya Voon, University of Melbourne