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Subject Forum 2017

The BA Tripos Subject Forum is an event held at the end of each academic year to help current Tripos students decide which papers to select for the following academic year. Course convenors for each course discuss for approximately 10 minutes the goals and objectives of their course.

Potential applicants to the undergraduate BA Tripos degree viewing these presentations must bear in mind the students who were in the audience were intended as the target audience.

Most of the papers offered in 2017-18 will run in future years, but not necessarily all of them. Please check the appropriate Tripos curriculum for further information.

The presentations from Subject Forum are available below:

Subject presentations

  • Administrative Law - Mark Elliott: Audio - (Part IB and II)
  • Aspects of Obligations - Jonathan Morgan: Audio - (Part II)
  • Banking Law - Stephen Watterson: Audio - (Part II)
  • Civil Law I - Amy Goymour: Audio - (Part IB)
  • Civil Law II - David Ibbetson: Audio - (Part IB and II)
  • Civil Procedure - Neil Andrews: Audio - (Part II Half Paper)
  • Commercial Law - Louise Merrett: Audio - (Part II)
  • Company Law - Marc Moore: Audio - (Part II)
  • Comparative Law - John Bell: Audio - (Part II)
  • Competition Law - Albertina Albors-Llorens: Audio - (Part II)
  • Conflict of Laws - Louise Merrett: Audio - (Part II)
  • Criminal Procedure and Criminal Evidence - Findlay Stark: Audio - (Part IB and II)
  • Criminology, Sentencing and the Penal System - Lorraine Gelsthorpe: Audio - (Part IB and II)
  • European Environmental and Sustainable Development Law - Julius Weitzdorfer: Audio - (Part II Half Paper)
  • Family Law - Jens Scherpe: Audio - (Part IB and II)
  • Human Rights Law - Dr Kirsty Hughes and Dr Stephanie Palmer: PDF - (Part IB and II)
  • Intellectual Property - Henning Grosse Ruse-Khan: Audio - (Part II)
  • International Law - Fernando Lusa Bordin: Audio - (Part IB & II)
  • Jurisprudence - Trevor Allen: Audio - (Part IB and II)
  • Labour Law - Sarah Fraser-Butlin: Audio - (Part II)
  • Landlord and Tenant - Martin Dixon: Audio - (Part II Half Paper)
  • Law of Succession - Brian Sloan and Dominic De Cogan: Audio - (Part II Half Paper)
  • Legal History - Neil Jones: Audio - (Part IB and II)
  • Personal Information Law - David Erdos: Audio - (Part II Half Paper)
  • Topics in European Legal History - John Allison: Audio - (Part II Half Paper)
  • Topics in Legal and Political Philosophy - Matthew Kramer: Audio - (Part II Half Paper)
  • The Erasmus Scheme - Oke Odudu: Audio - (Year overseas)