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College Contact Details

Room: Room 3, Merton Hall

Tel: 01223 746473

College Lecturer in Law; Fellow of St John's College

LLB/B.Int.Rels(Griffith), LLM(ANU), BCL/M.Phil/D.Phil(Oxon)


My research interest is primarily focused on the interaction between the private law and social policy. I am interested more generally in how the private law interacts with social policy and social welfare, including the limitations of doctrinal law in responding to the challenges posed by poverty and inequality. My research has covered topics including inequality in contract law, high-cost credit agreements, the impact of austerity measures, the effect of technological developments on equality and financial exclusion, and concurrent liability in tort and contract. 


CV / Biography


I am a College Lecturer in Law and a Fellow of St John’s College. Prior to this position, I was a lecturer at Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford where I completed a D.Phil in Contract Law and Consumer Protection - supported by the Sir John Monash Foundation and the Association of Banking and Finance Lawyers. My career started as a consumer advocate at the Centre for Credit and Consumer Law in Australia, before qualifying as a solicitor and working at Clayton Utz Solicitors in litigation and banking & finance, then Caxton Legal Centre as a community lawyer specialising in consumer protection. I have previously held visiting positions at the Centre on Household Assets and Savings Management (University of Birmingham), Woodrow Wilson School of International and Public Policy (Princeton University), Columbia Law School and the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, and am currently a Senior Adjunct Research Fellow at the Centre for Banking & Finance Law, National University of Singapore.

Books (published)

  1. The Future of High-Cost Credit: Regulating Payday Lending (Hart Publishing, 2022)
  2. The Law of Torts (Hart Publishing, 2021) (with S Green)
  3. Debt and Austerity (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2020) (with M Gray and K Moser)

Books (under contract)

  1. Politics, Policy and the Private Law (two-book volume with Hart Publishing, forthcoming 2023 & 2024) (with A Goymour, J O’Sullivan and S Worthington)
  2. Landmark Cases in Consumer Law (Hart Publishing, forthcoming 2023) (with I Ramsay) 

Book Chapters

  1. ‘Intentional Torts, Consent and Vulnerability’ in Horsey (ed.) Diverse Voices in Tort Law (Bristol University Press, forthcoming 2024)
  2. ‘In Impact of Jarvis v Swan Tours [1972] 3 WLR 954’ in Gardner & Ramsay (eds.) Landmark Cases in Consumer Law (Hart Publishing, forthcoming 2023)
  3. ‘The Intersection of Consumer and Commercial Law: Merricks v Mastercard Inc’ in Gardner & Ramsay (eds.) Landmark Cases in Consumer Law (Hart Publishing, forthcoming 2023) (with S Delegling and J McGreechin)
  4. ‘What is left of lawful act duress?’ in Probert and Peel (eds.) Shaping the Law of Obligations: Essays in Honour of Professor Ewan McKendrick QC (forthcoming 2023) (with M Chen-Wishart)
  5. ‘’A Risk by Any Other Name: Rejecting Volenti in Australian Tort Law’ in Elridge, Pinkington and Rolph (eds.) Australian Tort Law in the 21st Century (forthcoming, Federation Press, 2023)
  6. ‘The UK Debt Collection Industry: Why regulation isn’t enough’ in Stanescu (ed.), Regulation of Abusive Informal Debt Collection (forthcoming, Routledge, 2023) (with M Gray)
  7. ‘Debt Collection and Assignment of Debts: Navigating the Legal Maze’ in Davies and Cheng-Han (eds.) Intermediaries in Commercial Law (Hart Publishing, 2022) (with C Tham)
  8. ‘Understanding Low-Income Debt in a High-Income Country’ in Gardner, Gray & Moser (eds.), Debt and Austerity (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2020) (with M Gray and K Moser)
  9. ‘Austerity and High-Cost Credit: Understanding the Role of a Social Minimum’ in Gardner, Gray & Moser (eds.), Debt and Austerity (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2020)  
  10. ‘Austerity and Access to Justice’ in Wei, Nehf & Marques (eds.), Innovation and the Transformation of Consumer Law (Springer Publishing, 2020)
  11. ‘High-Cost Credit in the United Kingdom: A Philosophical Justification for Government Intervention:’ in O’Shea & Fairweather (eds.) Consumers, Credit & the Law (Ashgate Publishing, 2016)
  12. ‘Responsible lending in the UK: what role does the state play?’ in Ferretti (ed.) Consumer over-indebtedness, responsible lending and the insolvency of natural persons in the UK, Germany, Italy and Greece (Eleven Publishing, 2016) (with K Rowlingson and L Appleyard)

  Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles  

  1. 'Rethinking Risk-Taking: The Death of Volenti?' (accepted and forthcoming in Cambridge Law Journal
  2. ‘Reconceiving Wrongdoing in Lawful Act Duress’ (accepted and forthcoming in Law Quarterly Review) (with I Branford)
  3. ‘The Regulation of Algorithmic Credit Scoring in Vietnam: What Can We Learn when Countries Operate in a Legal Limbo?’ (accepted and forthcoming in Asian Journal of Law and Society) (with N Lainez)
  4. ‘Open Banking in Singapore and the United Kingdom: Open possibilities for enhancing financial inclusion’ (2021) 5 Journal of Business Law 424 (with E Leong)
  5. ‘Being Conscious of Unconscionability in Modern Times: Heller v Uber Technologies’ (2021) 84(4) Modern Law Review 874
  6. ‘Concurrent Liability in Tort and Contract – A Separation Thesis’ (2021) 137 Law Quarterly Review 77 (with J Murphy)
  7. ‘Rethinking Bankruptcy Alternatives in Singapore’ [2020] Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 502 
  8. ‘Online Auctions and Consumer Protection’ (2019) 29(4) Australian Business Law Review (with K Kariyawasam)
  9. ‘Responsible Lending and Borrowing’ (2018) 6 International Journal of Consumer Law and Practice 14 
  10. ‘Unsecured Credit, Moneylending and Protection of a Social Minimum in Singapore’ (2017) 4(1) Studies in Asian Social Sciences 1
  11. 'The Variegated Financialization of Sub-Prime Credit Markets’ (2016) 20(5) Competition & Change 297 (with L Appleyard and K Rowlingson)
  12. ‘Payday lending in the UK: the regul(aris)ation of a necessary evil?’ (2016) 45(3) Journal of Social Policy 527 (K Rowlingson and L Appleyard)
  13. ‘Legal Liability for Financial Advisors in Australia and Singapore: A Comparative Perspective’ (2015) 6(1) Global Review of Accounting and Finance (with P Rajapaske)
  14. 'Unconscionable Conduct and Consumer Protection in Subprime Lending in Australia' (2014) 29(3) Banking and Finance Law Review
  15. 'Traditional Pacific Land Rights and International Law: Tensions and Evolution' (2010) 12(1) Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal (with The Hon. Justice Margaret McMurdo)
  16. 'Insolvency Issues in Residential Mortgage Securitisation' (2008) 34(2) Monash University Law Review (with P Rajapaske)

  Shorter Articles and Book Reviews

  1. ‘’Cause I Gotta’ Have (Bad) Faith: Times Travel v PIAC’ [2022] LMCLQ 64 (with I Branford) 
  2. Book Review: Prue Vines and Arno Akkermans, Unexpected Consequences of Compensation Law (Journal of Professional Negligence, 2021 and Torts Law Journal, 2021)
  3. Book Review: Nick McBride, The Humanity of Private Law (Modern Law Review, 2021)
  4. Book Review: Sarah Brown, The Regulation of Consumer Credit: A Transatlantic Analysis (Cambridge Law Journal, 2021)   
  5. Does Lawful Act Duress Still Exist’, Case Note on Times Travel and Pakistan International Airline Corporation (Cambridge Law Journal, 2019) 
  6. 'High-Cost Credit and Welfare Reform’ (2015) In Defence of Social Welfare, vol II

  Select Reports, Policy Papers & Law Reform Submissions 

  1. Inequality and Council Tax: A Perfect Storm’ (2020) #buildbackbetter Covid-19 Policy Briefing (with M Gray)
  2. Response to Call for Input: High-cost credit, including review of the high-cost short-term credit price cap’ (2017) Financial Conduct Authority Call for Input Response (with K Rowlingson and L Appleyard)
  3. Introducing a Time Delay on Access to Credit: Is it Just Delaying the Inevitable?’ (2015) Research Paper for Archbishop Taskforce on Responsible Credit (with L Appleyard and K Rowlingson)
  4. Regulating Moneylending: Looking at all Sides’, Centre for Banking & Finance Law Report, National University of Singapore (2015)
  5. Capping the cost of payday lending in the UK: What will the impact be? Paper for the Financial Conduct Authority’ (2014) FinCris Research Output: Research Paper Requested by the Financial Conduct Authority (with K Rowlingson and L Appleyard)


  • 2022: Grant for Consumer Stakeholder Research on Class Action Litigation ($16,439.80AUD, with Simone Degeling)
  • 2021: Conference Award from Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities to run a workshop on ‘Debt in the Age of Covid-19’ (£2,500 and administrative assistance)
  • 2020: Award from Cambridge Political Economy Society to run a workshop on ‘Debt in the Age of Covid-19’ (£6,000)   
  • 2019: Award from the SLS Research Activities Fund Application 2019 to fund a Research Assistant for a project identifying victims of financial crime (£3,000)
  • 2019: Conference Award from St John’s College to run a workshop on ‘Debt in the Age of Austerity’ and produce an edited collection from the workshop presentations (£5,000)
  • 2018: Conference Award from Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities to run a workshop on ‘Debt in the Age of Austerity’ (£2,500 and administrative assistance)
  • 2007: Legal Practitioners Interest on Trust Account Grant for Public Education ($32,000AUD)