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Ms Odette Murray's picture


College Contact Details

Room: Fountain Court 2

Tel: 01223 762224

BA, LLB (Sydney); LLM (Cantab)
College Lecturer in Law (Murray Edwards College)


Public International Law; Tort Law

CV / Biography

Odette is a College Lecturer in Law at Murray Edwards College, supervising Tort Law and International Law. Her research interests are in international law, particularly the law of international organisations and international responsibility. Her PhD research concerns the conditions for and consequences of the responsibility of member states of international organisations. She has taught graduate workshops for the Law of Armed Conflict, the Law of Global Governance, the Law of the WTO, and International Criminal Law. She has published on state responsibility, international organisations, the law of treaties, trade law, corporate responsibility and human rights.

Prior to Cambridge, Odette was a Legal Officer with the Office of International Law in the Australian Attorney-General's Department, and previously a solicitor in class action litigation in Sydney.




"“Analogies must be applied with care”: The Application of Liability in solidum in the Law of International Responsibility" (2020) 31(4) European Journal of International Law (forthcoming)

(2020) 31(4) European Journal of International Law (forthcoming)
Published: Forthcoming

"Piercing the Corporate Veil: The Responsibility of Member States of an International Organisation" (2011) 8 International Organizations Law Review 291

(2011) 8 International Organizations Law Review 291
Published: Nov 2011

"Exaggerated Rumours of the Death of an Alien Tort? Corporations, Human Rights and the Remarkable Case of Kiobel" (2011) 12 Melbourne Journal of International Law 57

David Kinley & Chip Pitts
(2011) 12 Melbourne Journal of International Law 57
Published: Feb 2011

Book Chapters

"Challenging the Presumption of “Non-Responsibility” of Member States of International Organizations" in Samantha Besson (ed(s)), International Responsibility – Essays in Law, History and Philosophy (Schulthess, 2017), pp. 221-244

Published Jul 2017

"Some Selected Aspects of the Relationship Between World Trade Organization Law and General Public International Law" (with Brett Williams, Sophie Crowe & Weihuan Zhou) in Giuliana Ziccardi Capaldo (ed(s)), The Global Community Yearbook of International Law & Jurisprudence 2013 (Oxford University Press/Oceana, 2014), pp. 203–224

Oxford University Press/Oceana
Published Jun 2014

"Corporations that Kill: Prosecuting Blackwater" (with David Kinley) in Simon Bronitt, Miriam Gani & Saskia Hufnagel (ed(s)), Shooting to Kill: Socio-Legal Perspectives on the Use of Lethal Force (Hart Publishing, 2012), pp. 293–316

Hart Publishing
Published Jan 2012

"Viet Nam, Human Rights and Trade: Implications of Viet Nam’s Accession to the WTO" (with David Kinley & Hai Nguyen ) in Sarah Joseph; David Kinley & Jeffrey Waincymer (ed(s)), The World Trade Organization and Human Rights: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Edward Elgar, 2010)

Edward Elgar
Published Jan 2010

Book Reviews

Maurizio Ragazzi (ed.) The Responsibility of International Organizations: Essays in Memory of Sir Ian Brownlie (2015) 28 Leiden Journal of International Law 175

Published Mar 2015