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Education CV

FHEA, PhD (Cambridge), MPhil (CUPL), LLM (Wales), LLB (CUPL)

Teaching Associate, University of Cambridge (2021-)

      Teach Company Law (supervisions), Corporate Finance (workshops), Corporate Governance (workshops)

      Serve as Undergraduate Law Admissions Interviewer (2021-2022)(2022-2023)

Harvard Law School - Cambridge Law Faculty, Academic Exchange Scholar (2020-2021)

Formerly, Chinese Judge (Beijing), Barrister (Beijing), In-house Lawyer (Alibaba)



Fields of research

Company Law, Private Equity, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Capital Markets and Financial Regulation, Law and Economics, Commercial Law


Representative Publications

Journal Article: Fa Chen, 'Does the dual-class share structure help stock markets attract issuers? Empirical lessons from global financial centres' (2023) 43 Legal Studies (SSCI).

                          Fa Chen, ‘The Comprehensive Implementation of the Registration-based System of Stock Offering Regulation in China: Practice, Progress, Problems and Prospects’ (2023) (forthcoming)

                          Fa Chen, 'The Chinese-style securities class action mechanism for investor protection: Context, content, comparison and consequence' (2022) 30 Asia Pacific Law Review 287, 287-308 (SSCI).

                          Fa Chen, 'Reshaping the Stock Market to Accommodate Chinese Business Giants: The Reintroduction of Weighted Voting Shares in Hong Kong’ (2022) 52 Hong Kong Law Journal 487, 487-512 (SSCI).

                          Fa Chen, 'Variable interest entity structures in China: Are legal uncertainties and risks to foreign investors part of China's regulatory policy?' (2021) 29 Asia Pacific Law Review 1, 1-24 (SSCI).

                          Fa Chen, 'To be or not to be? -An Empirical Study on Dual-class Share Structure of US Listed Chinese Companies' (2017) 16 Journal of International Business & Law 215, 215-248

Book Chapter:  Fa Chen, 'China in the International Commercial Dispute Resolution Arena: The Establishment of the China International Commercial Court', in S Jia et al (eds) Commercial and Maritime Law in China and Europe (Routledge 2022)

Case Note: Fa Chen, 'The Differences between Serious Physical Hurt Caused by Domestic Violence and That Caused by Intentional Injury in Legal Outcome' in Ermei Huang (ed), The Supreme Court of China: Guiding Cases Involving Domestic Violence (People's Court Press 2015) 118-123.

Case Report: Fa Chen, 'Case Report: The Domestic Violence Committed by the Accused Mrs Cai' (2013) 1 Gazette of Beijing High People's Court 1, 11-13. This case report was subsequently compiled in The Supreme Court of China Official Journal: Selected Case Reports (People's Court Press 2016, Issue 4), 66-68.

Blog Post: Fa Chen, 'China's recent regulation of variable interest entity structures has led to a drop in Chinese companies' US listings' April 2022, Oxford Business Law Blog (OBLB),

Presentation: Harvard Law School, Institute for Global Law & Policy (IGLP) 2018 Conference, presentation: 'A Critique of the Potential Impact of Trade-Related Measures on Environmental Governance: With Special Reference to the EU and the US'.

                       European China Law Studies Association (ECLS) 2018 Conference, presentation: 'How Will China's Multilateralism Impact Global Trade?'.

                       Asian IP International Forum 2017 Conference: 'IP Route and Strategies for Enterprises, under New International Situation'. Presentation: 'How to Apply the Principle of Safe Harbour to the Usage of Internet Copyright?'.