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Education CV

1) University of Cambridge, UK

- PhD - 2012 - 2016

     - Supported by a full scholarship from the Arts and Humanities Research Council

     - Chief Operating Officer of the UK Supreme Court Yearbook (2015 - now)

               - Editor-in-Chief of the UK Supreme Court Annual Review 2014 - 15

               - Managing Editor of the UK Supreme Court Review Edition of the CJICL 2013 - 14

     - Criminal Law Supervisor at Homerton College (2015 - 16), St Edmund's College (2015 - 16),  Lucy Cavendish College (2014 - 16) and Wolfson College (2015)

     - Research Assistant on the 'Blackstones Statutes on Criminal Law 2016 - 17' and 'Landmark Cases in Criminal Law' publications (2015 - 16)

     - Law Tutor for the Cambridge Immerse Summer Programme (2014 - 16)

     - Coach of the Cambridge team in the Price Media Law Moot Court 2013


- LLM - 2011 - 2012 - First Class

     - Modules studied - Criminal Justice, Civil Liberties, Public Law and EU Constitutional Law

     - Winner of the Hugh Bevan Prize for the most distinguished performance by a student of Wolfson College in the LLM examination

     - Placed 2nd in the world in the International Air and Space Law Association Moot Court Competititon (1st in Europe)

     - Committee member for the University Graduate Law Society


2) Florida State University, USA

- International Human Rights Law Short Course - 2011


3) University of Queensland, Australia

- Exchange Year (Universitas 21) on LLB programme - 2009 - 2010 - First Class

     - Modules studied - Advanced Crime and Criminology, Queensland Criminal Law, Australian Constitutional Law, Public International Law, International Human Rights,         

       Humanitarian and Criminal Law, Law of Political Institutions and the Legal Progession

     - Winner of the Ross Anderson Memorial Prize for Constitutional Law 2009

     - Winner of a Commendation for Distinguished Performance 2009 and 2010


4) University of Nottingham, UK

- LLB Law with Australian Law - 2007 - 2011 - Upper Second Class

     - Modules studied - Qualifying modules and Corporate Manslaughter Research Project, Principles of Criminal Evidence, Comparative Civil Liberties, European          

       Human Rights Law, UK Human Rights Law, Family Law, Telders International Law Moot Court

     - Winner of the JC Smith and Punch Coomaraswamy Prize for the Law of Evidence 2011

     - President and General Secretary of the University Bar Society

Fields of research

Criminal Justice; Criminology; Criminal Law; Accountability Theory; Human Rights Law; Public Law; Land Law; Trusts Law; International Law, European Law.


'Holding persons to account' - A critical analysis of how the effectiveness of complex accountability regimes are best assessed


My thesis examines how the effectiveness of a modern complex accountability regime is best assessed. Put simply, how is it to be decided whether a specific accountability regime of this kind is actually effective at its job or not? In particular, it argues (via an analysis of the accountability regime which operates to hold prison staff to account following a death in prison custody in England and Wales) that our present methodological responses to this question are critically flawed and thus in need of considerable reform if a more rigorous and ultimately accurate analysis of such an issue is to be completed in the future.

As a result of this deficiency, my study thereafter also proposes an enhanced assessment methodology which (amongst other matters) more overtly reflects the key, but thus far under-valued, systemic issues which arise in such cases, most notably the extra value that may be added by any interactions between the different mechanisms. In addition, it also advances a new normative framework against which the efficacy of both this particular accountability regime and also others more generally can now be better assessed. This will aid in further research concerning not just how much accountability does exist in a given situation, but also how much should exist and also what form this should take.


Mrs Nicky Padfield (Fitzwilliam College)

Professor Mark Elliott (St Catherine's College)

Representative Publications

C Sargeant and D Clarry, 'Judicial Panel Selection in the UK Supreme Court: Bigger Bench, More Authority?' (2016) 7 UKSCY 1
Available at

C Sargeant, 'Overview: Human Rights' (2015) 6 UKSCY 393
Available at

C Sargeant and D Clarry, 'Turning Over a New Leaf in the House of Lords' (2015) 6 UKSCY 1
Available at

C Sargeant, 'Factortame Revisited and the Constitution Reimagined: The UK Supreme Court Takes its First Ride on the HS2 Rail-Line' (2015) UK Supreme Court Annual Review 157.
Available at

C Sargeant, ‘Editors Introduction’ (2014) 3(1) UK Supreme Court Review (Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law) 1.
Available at

C Sargeant, ‘Two Steps Backward, One Step Forward – The Cautionary Tale of Bank Mellat (No 1)’ (2014) 3(1) UK Supreme Court Review (Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law) 111.
Available at

C Sargeant and T Eatwell, 'Criminal Law, Evidence and Procedure' (2013) 2(1) UK Supreme Court Review (Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law) 86.
Available at

C Sargeant, 'The Duty to Take into Account Decisions of the European Court of Human Rights: A Criticial Analysis' (LLM Thesis, June 2012)
Available at

C Sargeant, 'Two Steps Forward, One Step Back' - The Cautionary Tale of the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 [2012] UK Law Student Review 1
Available at UK Student Law Review
Also published in Korean as [2014] 14 Seoul National University Public Interest and Human Rights Law Review 141

I have also presented on a variety of topics including

  • An Intoduction to Law (and various sub-topics including Constitutional Law, EU Law, Criminal Law, Tort Law, International Law, Human Rights Law etc)
  • The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007
  • The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman
  • New Legal Business Models including LDP's, ABS, Procure Co and Bar Co
  • Legal Aid Reform
  • The Jackson Civil Justice Reforms
  • An Introduction to Mooting

Start Date

Sep 2012

End date

Dec 2016