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Damien Charlotin's picture


Education CV


  • Cambridge University, Faculty of Law, PhD Candidate
  • Columbia Law School / Sorbonne University / Sciences Po Paris Law School, Certificate in Global Business Law and Governance
  • Sciences Po Paris Law School, Master in Economic Law
  • Sciences Po Paris, Bachelor

Other occupations

  • Contributor for Investment Arbitration Reporter (
  • Young ITA New Voices Writing Competition Award
  • Bar Manager, Leckhampton


  • Legal Analysis, I guess
  • I code in Python and R and know my way around some other languages

Fields of research

Public International Law, Empirical Legal Studies, Private International Law, International Dispute-Settlement, Legal Argumentation, Digital Humanities, Investment Arbitration, New Legal Technologies.


Arguing with international legal authorities: an empirical study


I collect and study citations to precedents and other authorities from the jurisprudence of international courts and tribunals. In so doing, I study the process of authority-based argumentation in international law: how do you create/develop/undermine(?) an "authority" (auctoritas), what are the strongest authorities and the best argumentative strategies, etc.

I also build databases of international judgments and awards that, I hope, will prove useful to future practitionners and academics.


Dr. Michael Waibel

Representative Publications

W. Alschner & D. Charlotin, "The Growing Complexity of the International Court of Justice’s Self-Citation Network" (2018) 29 EJIL 1, 83-112.

D. Charlotin, "The Place of Investment Awards and WTO Decisions in International Law: A Citation Analysis" (2017) 2 Journal of International Economic Law 1, 179-199.

D. Charlotin, "Spotting the voices of assistants, secretaries and secretariats in investment arbitration: a stylometric analysis", in F. Baetens (ed.), Proceedings of the Conference on the Legitimacy of Unseen Actors in International Adjudication, (Cambridge Studies on International Courts and Tribunals 2019).

D. Charlotin, "The Iran-US Claims Tribunal and its legacy: a data analysis" (2019) Journal of International Dispute Settlement, forthcoming. (A similar version of this article will also appear in the journal ITA in Review, as winning contribution to the Young ITA's Writing Competition.)

Start Date

Oct 2016

End date

Dec 2019