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College Teaching Associate (Downing)

CV / Biography

Ms Jenifer Varzaly is a Director of Studies and Bye-Fellow in Law at Downing College. She completed her M.St at Oxford University and was selected to undertake the Oxford/Columbia University Law and Finance program thereafter. 

Prior to this, Jenifer was a Lecturer in Corporate Law at the University of Adelaide, Australia, where she graduated with Honours from Law and was the top graduate in the Master of Laws degree. Her academic background also involves a focus in finance and economics.

Jenifer has been a visiting academic at Columbia University and at Stanford University, in order to further her legal scholarship. She has consulted in the areas of corporate law and finance for both corporate and government clients in New York City, Australia, and London. She has been invited to present at a range of international forums, including the Oxford University Commercial Law Centre and Law Faculty, the United Nations (NYC), UNCITRAL Asia and the Pacific, UNIDROIT, and the Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commission. Jenifer is admitted to practice as a barrister and solicitor in Australia, gaining industry experience with two international law firms, consulting to a number of barristers on federal commercial law matters, and serving as a legal advisor and outside director on two public company boards.

Fields of research

Corporate law, corporate governance, commercial law, financial regulation, law and economics.





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Book Chapters

"Towards a Unified Approach to Economic Assessment in International Commercial Law Reform", The Future of Commercial Law: Ways Forward for Change and Reform (Hart Publishing, 2020)

Hart Publishing
ISBN 13:
Published Jan 2020

Book Reviews

'Corporate Governance in the Shadow of the State' (2014) 73 The Cambridge Law Journal 460

Published Jul 2014