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Education CV

Konatsu Nishigai has obtained PhD in Law at the University of Cambridge (Corpus Christi College). Her research focuses on the mechanism of how judges make law in a common law system. Before undertaking her PhD project at Cambridge, Konatsu held appointments as Associate Professor of Constitutional Law in the Faculty of Law at Tokyo Metropolitan University, where she taught public law and information law, and as Assistant Professor of Constitutional Law in the Faculty of Law at the University of Tokyo. Konatsu received a JD (magna cum laude) from the University of Tokyo Law School as well as an BA from Keio University.



Associate Professor; Tokyo Metropolitan University, Faculty of Law ( - 2018) 

Assistant Professor; University of Tokyo, Graduate School for Law and Politics ( - 2013)



PhD in Law; University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law; Corpus Christi College

Juris Doctor (Summa Cum Laude); University of Tokyo, The School of Law

BA in Law; University of Keio, Faculty of Law



Fields of research

- constitutional law, administrative law, human rights law

- jurisprudence, legal philosophy

- information law, media law, internet law, robot law



Judge-made law

Representative Publications

'Two Types of Formalism of the Rule of Law' Oxford Journal of Legal Studies (forthcoming)

Start Date

Oct 2018

End date

Feb 2022