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Milhan Ikram Mohamed's picture


Education CV

  • Master of Laws, First Class*, University of Cambridge
    • Jesuan Scholar 2012
    • Glanville Williams Scholar
  • Bachelor of Laws, First Class, University of London International Programmes
    • Gold Medal for best results in 2010
    • Gold Medal for maiden First Class in Sri Lanka
    • Academic Achievement Award for best results
  • Attorney at Law of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka
    • First Class at Bar examinations at the Law College of Sri Lanka

Fields of research

Intellectual Property Law and International Intellectual Property Law


Unravelling the rule against the discrimination of fields of technology under the patent rules of the TRIPS Agreement.


Investigates the rule against the 'discrimination' of fields of technlogy in TRIPS Article 27.1 to comprehend the type of autonomy that has been preserved on the part of the WTO memebrship to subject fields of technology to special treatment under their patent systems.


Dr. Henning Grosse-Ruse Khan

Start Date

Oct 2015

End date

Oct 2019