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Education CV

LLM Lectures, Law and Information, Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge.

Supervisor, Constitutional Law, Emmanuel (2012-2016), Lucy Cavendish (Lent and Easter 2013), Murray Edwards (2015-2016), Fitzwilliam (2015-2016), Churchill (2015-2016)

Research Assistant, Public Law Team, Law Commission of England and Wales, 2013-2014

BPTC, 2012-2013

LLM, Harvard Law School, 2011-2012 

BCL, Lincoln College, Oxford, 2010-2011

BA, Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 2007-2010 


Other Responsibilities 

Co-convenor, Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law Conference 2016: Public and Private Power, 8th and 9th April 2016

Convenor, AHRC PhD Reading Group, "If you read one thing...", Lent and Easter 2016.


Scholarships and Funding

AHRC PhD Studentship, 2014-2017.

Princess Royal Scholarship, Inner Temple, 2012.

Herchel Smith Scholarship, 2011.

Oxford Law Faculty Prize in Constitutional Theory, 2011.

Supperstone Law Scholarship, Lincoln College, 2010.

Honorary Bachelor Scholarship, Emmanuel College, 2010.

Squire Scholarships, Faculty of Law, Cambridge, 2008 and 2009.

Porter Senior Scholarships, Emmanuel College, 2008 and 2009.



Fields of research

Information Law, Public Law, Regulation of Privacy.


Information Law in an Era of Public Services Commissioning: The Implications for Privacy, Confidentiality and Data Protection


Dr David Erdos

Dr Kirsty Hughes

Representative Publications


Confidentiality and Intrusion: Building Storm Defences Rather than Trying to Hold Back the Tide (2016) CLJ (Forthcoming). Case note on PJS v. NGN Ltd [2016] UKSC 26.

The Expanding Scope of the Data Protection Directive: The Exception for a “Purely Personal or Household Activity”, (2016) 1(1) Journal of Information Rights, Policy and Practice. An earlier draft is available: University of Cambridge Faculty Research Paper No. 54/2015:

Negligence in IVF Treatment: Grasping the Nettle? (2011) 127 Law Quarterly Review 203.  Case note on A (Minor) and B (Minor) v. A Health and Social Services [2010] NIQB 108.

Noxiousness and the Offences Against the Person Act 1861: Protecting the Hypersensitive Victim (2009) 5 (1) Cambridge Student Law Review 93.


Conference Papers and Presentations

Information Privacy and the Public-Private Divide in Article 8 EHCR, University of Tampere Doctoral Workshop on Human Rights, 23 October 2015. Paper published as a blog post by the University of Tampere:

Meeting the Challenges of 21st Century Data Protection Law: The European Union Draft General Regulation on Data Protection, North East Postgraduate Law Forum, 3 July 2015.

The Black Spider Memos and Common Law Constitutionalism, 20x20 Seminar Series, Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge, 13 May 2015.

Changes in Public Services and the Development of Public-Private Divides in Information Law, 1st Year PhD Presentations, Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge, 4 May 2015.

The Expanding Scope of the Data Protection Directive: The Exemption for “Purely Personal or Household Activity”, Winchester Trust, Risk and Information Law Conference, 21 April 2015.

Improving Data Sharing in the Public Sector: The Law Commission Consultation on Data Sharing Between Public Bodies, Westminster Conferences, 12 February 2015.


Privacy Laws and Business Reports

Short opinion pieces in the leading professional privacy law journal containing comment and analysis on developments in data protection and freedom of information law.

The Internet of Things in the Home, (2016) 83 Privacy Laws and Business 16

The Erosion of Freedom of Information Rights, (2015) 82 Privacy Laws and Business 17.

Augmented Reality Raises a Set of Legal and Policy Issues (2015) 77 Privacy Laws and Business 1.

Start Date

Oct 2014

End date

Sep 2017