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Education CV


Doctor of Philosophy, Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge (Oct. 2015- Present)

Under the supervision of Professor Mark Elliott I am constructing a doctorate examining the utility of codified Bills of Rights in the British context. I am fully funded by the AHRC.

Master of Laws, University College London (Sep. 2013-July 2014)


Bachelor of Laws, University of Reading (Oct. 2010-July 2013)

First-class (hons.).


Supervisor at Various Colleges (Oct. 2016-present)

  • I supervise Administrative Law at multiple colleges. 

Teaching Fellow, University College London (Oct. 2014-July 2017)

  • I was a Teaching Fellow in Public Law and Jurisprudence. I was responsible for taking tutorials in both papers, setting and marking essays, and generally ensuring my students were as prepared as possible for examinations.

Fields of research

Administrative Law, Common Law Theory, Constitutional Law, Constitutional Law Theory, Human Rights, Jurisprudence.


Human Rights in Constitutional Context: Interpreting the British Constitution


My research focuses on the extent to which Bills of Rights are necessary in the British Constitution in order to protect human rights (that is, I ignore the other benefits codification may have and focus on efficacy of rights protection). In doing so, I locate the extent to which the Human Rights Act 1998 merely replicated the pre-existing common law landscape. To do so, I focus on the centrality of the rule of law in underpinning the constitution (something I argue too many academics sideline).


Supervisor: Professor Mark Elliott

Advisor: Professor T R S Allan

Representative Publications

Published papers:

  • Thomas Fairclough, “Evans v Attorney General: The Underlying Normativity of Constitutional Disagreement” in Juss and Sunkin (eds), Landmark Cases in Public Law (Hart 2017).
  • Thomas Fairclough, “Terrorism, Journalism, Declarations, and Dichotomies: A Closer Look at Miranda” [2016] 26(2) JR 123.
  • Thomas Fairclough, “Black Spiders and Public Lawyers: Constitutionalism Revisited?” [2016] 26(1) JR 44.

Presented papers:

  • Thomas Fairclough, "The Reach of Common Law Rights" Paper selected for a workshop sponsored by the British Academy centred around "Human Rights after Brexit: The Future of Human Rights in the UK", March 2017.
  • Thomas Fairclough, “Unity in Disagreement: Evans, Interpretivism, and the British Constitution” Paper selected for the Public Law Conference 2016.
  • Thomas Fairclough, “Disagreement, Judicial Review, and the Concept of Law” Paper given to Oxford University’s Public Law Discussion Group, March 2016.

Online pieces:

  • Thomas Fairclough, "Privacy International: Constitutional Substance over Semantics in Reading Ouster Clauses" Uk Const L Blog December 2017 (available here).
  • Thomas Fairclough, "What's New About the Rule of Law?" UK Const L Blog September 2017 (available here).
  • Thomas Fairclough, "Article 50 and the Royal Prerogative" UK Const L Blog June 2016 (available here).
  • Thomas Fairclough, “Judicial Review and Article 50: Some Preliminary Issues” UK Const L Blog June 2016 (available here).
  • Thomas Fairclough, “Constitutional Change, Standing Orders, and EVEL: A Step in the Wrong Direction?” UK Const L Blog February 2016 (available here).

Start Date

Oct 2015

End date

Jul 2018