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Current Research

Tom's current research focusses on the concept of essence of rights in EU Law and its links with EU Citizenship and Citizens' rights. His works analyses the origins and theoretical underpinnings of essence to develop a framework of understanding for the use of the concept in EU Law. Using this as the foundation, Tom's work discusses the implications of the essence of rights for current and future CJEU case law in the field of EU Citizenship and Constitutional Law, as well as its implications for further EU Integration in these fields. 

Education and Professional Background

Tom obtained his LL.M. at the University of Cambridge and was awarded an E.M. Burnett prize for a first in law (2018). He also holds a LL.B. (cum laude) in European Law from the University of Maastricht (2017). He currently supervises the Tripos Paper in EU Law at Pembroke and Newnham College and previously worked at the University of Maastricht as a teaching assistant during his undergraduate studies. Tom is the Editor-in-Chief of the Cambridge International Law Journal and has been a Contributor to the Global Citizenship Observatory's Blog. He is currently the President of the Hughes Hall Law Society. 

Scholarships and Awards

  • Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Partnership Studentship (2018)
  • Cambridge Vice Chancellor's Scholarship (2018)
  • E.M. Burnett Prize for a First in the Cambridge LL.M. Programme (2018)

Fields of research

  • Constitutional EU Law and EU Citizenship
  • Constitutional theory and theory of rights



Dr. Kenneth Armstrong

Representative Publications

2019: TL Boekestein and GR de Groot, ‘Do desperate times justify desperate measures? The Human Rights Concerns and discriminatory Nature of Citizenship Revocation under the Dutch Counter-Terrorism Approach’, (2019) 23(4) Citizenship Studies 

2019: TL Boekestein, ‘Deprivation of Nationality as a Counter-Terrorism Tool: A comparative Analysis of Canadian and Dutch Legislation’, (2019) 5 Transnational Human Rights Review

Start Date

Oct 2018




"Discussing the human rights limits on loss of citizenship: a normative-legal perspective on egalitarian arguments regarding Dutch Nationality laws targeting Dutch-Moroccans" [2019] 23(4) Citizenship Studies, 320

GR de Groot
[2019] 23(4) Citizenship Studies, 320
Published: May 2019

"Deprivation of Nationality as a Counter-Terrorism Tool: Aa Comparative Analysis of Canadian and Dutch Legislation" [2018] 5 Transnational Human Rights Review, 23

[2018] 5 Transnational Human Rights Review, 23
Published: May 2019

Case Notes

K2 t. het Verenigd Koninkrijk [2017] 8 Sdu European Human Rights Cases

GR de Groot
Published: Oct 2017

Blog Posts

Conference Papers

"Do desperate times justify desperate measures? The human rights concerns and discriminatory nature of citizenship revocation in counterterrorism" (IPSA World Congress 2018)

IPSA World Congress 2018
Published: Jul 2018