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Education CV


PhD - The University of Cambridge (2019-2022)

LLM - The University of Cambridge (2016-17)

LLB - The University of Queensland (2011-14)

Professional Experience

Corporate Tax Lawyer - Ashurst Australia (2017-19)

Corporate Tax Lawyer - PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia (2013-17)

Scholarships and Awards

Cambridge International Trust Scholar (2019-Present)

St Edmund's College Law Prize (2017)

Extra-curricular Involvement

Co-organiser of the Cambridge Legal Theory Discussion Group (2020-2021)

Treasurer of the Cambridge International Law Journal (2019-2021)

Panel Chair for the Cambridge Legal Theory Symposium (2019)

Fields of research

Tort Law, Medical Law, Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Wellbeing


Harm and risks of harm


My current research explores the concept of harm, as well as whether exposure to risks of harm constitute harm. 


JM Skopek & SD John (Supervisors)

PF Cane (Advisor)

Representative Publications


'More on what it means to suffer harm' (2022) Jurisprudence (forthcoming)

'What it means to suffer harm' (2022) 13 Jurisprudence 1

Book reviews:

Review of McBride, Nicholas, The Humanity of Private Law, Part I: Explanation (2020) Modern Law Review


'The concept of harm' (2021) ANU Law and Philosophy Discussion Group

'Harm and wellbeing' (2020) Oxford Jurisprudence Discussion Group

'Revisiting loss of a chance as a harm' (2020) Society of Legal Scholars Conference

'Risks as harms' (2019) Cambridge Legal Theory Discussion Group