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3VB3 Verulam Buildings (3VB) is a leading barristers' chambers providing specialist advocacy and advisory services worldwide in all areas of commercial and financial litigation, dispute resolution, international arbitration and public international law. 3VB have generously supported various areas within the Faculty for over 20 years. As of 2023, their cumulative giving has surpassed £100,000, recognising 3VB a member of the Faculty's Ambassador benefactors.

Since 2002, they have very generously supported the 3 Verulam Buildings prize for Equity, awarded by the Examiners for Part II of the Law Tripos to the candidate who has shown the greatest distinction in Equity. They have also previously funded the 3 Verulam Buildings Prize for International Commercial Litigation, awarded by the examiners to the best performing candidate in that paper on our Master of Law (LLM) course.

3VB also very generously support a yearly fully-funded scholarship awarded to a Master of Law (LLM) candidate. As of 2023, 3VB have kindly extended their support for the LLM Scholarship for £70,000 over 3 years, for which the Faculty is extremely grateful. 3VB is committed to improving diversity and access to the legal sector. Its continued funding for the LLM Scholarship does so by providing crucial financial support to academically excellent students who are in financial need and who wish to pursue a career at the Bar.

3VB is also a recognised Linked Partner of the Eli Lauterpacht Centre for International Law. Centre partners such as 3VB's Can Yeginsu produce leading and cutting-edge research in many areas of international law. They are globally recognised, tuned in with current affairs, and connected with governments, practitioners and scholars from all over the world. LCIL is grateful for the support from link partners such as 3VB, as they financially support the Centre, contribute to the development of its research activities, and play a part in helping to maintain its physical infrastructure.

The Faculty of Law is extremely grateful for 3VB's longstanding and ongoing support for Law at Cambridge, for its commitment to supporting students, and for joining the Faculty in making Law a more accessible and representative sector.