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The publishes a regular working paper series on the Social Science Research Network.  The series focuses on the broad range of legal scholarship in all subject areas from members of the Faculty. The papers are published electronically and are available online or through email distribution.

Interested readers can browse the Working Paper Series at SSRN, or sign up to subscribe to the e-journal.

Recent Distributions

  • Legal Studies Research Paper Series Vol. 11, No. 2
    • Kathleen Liddell, John Liddicoat & Matthew Jordan: IP Policies for Large Bioresources: The Fiction, Fantasy and Future of Openness (2/2020)
    • Bobby Reddy: Thinking Outside the Box - Eliminating the Perniciousness of Box-Ticking in the New Corporate Governance Code (3/2020)
    • Bobby Reddy: Finding the British Google: Relaxing the Prohibition of Dual-Class Stock from the Premium-Tier of the London Stock Exchange (4/2020)
    • J S Liptrap: The Social Enterprise Company in Europe: Policy, Theory and Isomorphism (5/2020)
    • Mark Elliott: The Fundamentality of Rights at Common Law (6/2020)
  • Legal Studies Research Paper Series Vol. 11, No. 1
    • John Liddicoat, Kathleen Liddell & Mateo Aboy: The Effects of Myriad and Mayo on Molecular Test Development in the US and Europe: Interviews from the Frontline (33/2019)
    • Brian Sloan: Adoption vs Alternative Forms of Care (34/2019)
    • Tamar Megiddo & Eyal Benvenisti: Inclusion and Representation in the Settlement of Property Claims in the Aftermath of Armed Conflict (35/2019)
    • Eyal Benvenisti: The Applicability of the Law of Occupation to UN Administration of Foreign Territory (36/2019)
    • David Erdos: Disclosure, Exposure and the ʻRight to be Forgottenʼ after Google Spain: Interrogating Google Search’s Webmaster, End User and Lumen Notification Practices (1/2020)


For general queries about the Working Paper Series, please contact Mr Daniel Bates in the first instance.  More information and guidance for Faculty members considering submitting to SSRN is available on the Faculty SSRN pages.