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The publishes a regular working paper series on the Social Science Research Network.  The series focuses on the broad range of legal scholarship in all subject areas from members of the Faculty. The papers are published electronically and are available online or through email distribution.

Interested readers can browse the Working Paper Series at SSRN, or sign up to subscribe to the e-journal.

Recent Distributions

  • Legal Studies Research Paper Series Vol. 10, No. 8
    • Brian Sloan: The ‘Social Contract’, Care and Inheritance in England and Hong Kong (28/2019)
    • Liang Li: Data and Market Definition of Internet-Based Businesses (29/2019)
    • Anna L. Christie & J S Liptrap: Goldilocks (Control) and the Three Bears: Panel on Takeovers and Mergers v King (30/2019)
    • David Erdos & Krzysztof Garstka: The 'Right to be Forgotten' Online within G20 Statutory Data Protection Frameworks (31/2019)
    • Johnathon Liddicoat, Kathleen Liddell et al: Continental Drift? Do European Clinical Genetic Testing Laboratories Have a Patent Problem? (32/2019)
  • Legal Studies Research Paper Series Vol. 10, No. 7
    • Martin Dixon: Playing A Round With Easements (22/2019)
    • Ann Sofie Cloots et al: Global Cryptoasset Regulatory Landscape Study (23/2019)
    • Peter A Harris, Michael Keen & Li Liu: Policy Forum: International Effects of the 2017 US Tax Reform -- A View from the Front Line (24/2019)
    • Dominic de Cogan: Michael Oakeshott and the Conservative Disposition in Tax Law (26/2019)
    • Dominic de Cogan & Donard de Cogan: A History of the Anglo American Telegraph Co As Seen Through Its Litigation (27/2019)
  • Legal Studies Research Paper Series Vol. 10, No. 6
    • Michael Waibel: Financial Crises and International Law (18/2019)
    • Eyal Benvenisti & Amnon Morag: Regulatory Capture and the Marginalized Majority: The Case for the Constitutional Protection of the Majority’s Disposable Income (19/2019)
    • Eilis Ferran: Revisiting Legal Capital (20/2019)
    • Luiza Leão Soares Pereira: The ILC in the Eyes of the ILC: Mirror or Looking-Glass? (21/2019)


For general queries about the Working Paper Series, please contact Mr Daniel Bates in the first instance.  More information and guidance for Faculty members considering submitting to SSRN is available on the Faculty SSRN pages.