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The publishes a regular working paper series on the Social Science Research Network.  The series focuses on the broad range of legal scholarship in all subject areas from members of the Faculty. The papers are published electronically and are available online or through email distribution.

Interested readers can browse the Working Paper Series at SSRN, or sign up to subscribe to the e-journal.

Recent Distributions

  • Legal Studies Research Paper Series Vol. 8, No. 7
    • Paul Daly: Brexit: Legal and Political Fault Lines (25/2017)
    • Brian Sloan: Burdens, Presumptions and Confusion in the Law on Want of Knowledge and Approval (26/2016)
    • Kathleen Liddell & Jeffrey Skopek: Informed Consent for Research Using Biospecimens, Genetic Information and Other Personal Data (27/2017)
    • Eyal Benvenisti & Doreen Lustig: Taming Democracy: Codifying the Laws of War to Restore the European Order, 1856-1874 (28/2017)
  • Legal Studies Research Paper Series Vol. 8, No. 6
    • Sarah Nouwen: The International Criminal Court and Conflict Prevention in Africa (20/2017)
    • Lionel A. F. Bently et al: The Legal Consequences of Brexit Through the Lens of IP Law (21/2016)
    • Eilis Ferran et al: The Consequences of Brexit for Companies and Company Law (22/2017)
    • Mark Elliott: The Supreme Court's Judgment in Miller: In Search of Constitutional Principle (23/2017)
    • Christopher Kuner: The Internet and the Global Reach of EU Law (24/2017)
  • Legal Studies Research Paper Series Vol. 8, No. 5
    • Julia Powles et al: Boundaries of Law: Exploring Transparency, Accountability, and Oversight of Government Surveillance Regimes (16/2017)
    • Sarah Nouwen & Michael A. Becker: Tadić v. Prosecutor: International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, 1995 (17/2016)
    • Federica Paddeu: Clarifying the Concept of Circumstances Precluding Wrongfulness (Justifications) in International Law (18/2017)
    • Paul Daly: The Court and Administrative Law: Models of Rights Protection (19/2017)
  • Legal Studies Research Paper Series Vol. 8, No. 4
    • Matthew H. Kramer: The Illusion of Neutrality: Abortion and the Foundations of Justice (9/2017)
    • Michael Waibel & Norbert Gaillard: The Icarus Syndrome: How Credit Rating Agencies Lost Their Quasi-Immunity (12/2016)
    • Johnathon E. Liddicoat: Standing on the Edge: What Type of ‘Exclusive Licensees’ Should Be Able to Initiate Patent Infringement Actions? (14/2017)
    • Simon Deakin, Ding Chen, Mathias M. Siems & Boya Wang: Law, Trust and Institutional Change in China: Evidence from Qualitative Fieldwork (15/2017)
  • Legal Studies Research Paper Series Vol. 8, No. 3
    • Astron Douglas: Equitable Priorities under Registered Land (5/2017)
    • Matthew H. Kramer: Problems of Dirty Hands as a Species of Moral Conflicts (7/2016)
    • Matthew H. Kramer: Too Much from Too Little: A Critique of Gerald Gaus's Libertarian Neutralism (8/2017)
    • Michael Waibel & Fiona Sofie Petersen: State Liability in the EEA (10/2017)
    • Michael Waibel: Monetary Policy: An Exclusive Competence Only in Name? (11/2017)
    • Lorand Bartels: Human Rights, Labour Standards and Environmental Standards in CETA (13/2017)


For general queries about the Working Paper Series, please contact Mr Daniel Bates in the first instance.  More information and guidance for Faculty members considering submitting to SSRN is available on the Faculty SSRN pages.