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ACP Indicators of Excellence

Academic Career Pathways (ACP) has replaced the University’s Senior Academic Promotions Exercise. As part of its assessment of applications under the ACP scheme, the Joint Promotions Committee for Law, Land Economy and Criminology will consider applications alongside the relevant ACP promotion criteria, which are informed by 'indicators of excellence' for the relevant discipline. The Faculty Board of Law has approved Law’s indicators of excellence for this purpose. Please note that the examples given are not intended to be exhaustive.

Further information and guidance on Academic Career Pathways is available on the University’s website.

Probation protocol

Probation is a period in which a new employee of the University is given the necessary support and opportunity to show that they can meet its expectations about the performance of the duties for which they are employed.

Although an appointment demonstrates the University’s confident belief that an appointee can meet its expectations, the probation period serves to provide evidence that this belief was well-founded. It is not in the interests of either an employee or of the University that employment continues if the employee cannot meet the expectations related to the role they occupy.

The Faculty Board has agreed a probation protocol which outlines the requirements of a successful probation.