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Yorke Fund

The Statutes and Ordinances of the University provide that the Faculty Board of Law shall have power

  1. to award Studentships or Scholarships or make grants to any persons engaged in research in law;
  2. to make grants for the delivery of lectures;
  3. to make grants for the publication of works (in addition to assisting the author to publish a Prize essay under Regulation 7(c));
  4. to make grants for the promotion of any other undertaking connected with the study of law; and to attach to the award of any such Studentship, Scholarship, or grant such conditions as they may think fit.

Further details relating to applications to the Yorke Fund can be found by downloading the application form.

F.W. Maitland Memorial Fund

The Managers of the F.W. Maitland Memorial Fund make small grants, normally to members of the University, towards research expenses in the field of legal history. Applications may be made at any time. Further details are available from the Secretary to the Fund, Professor Neil Jones, email

Research Grants

Information and funding at the Faculty is managed by the Faculty Research Grants Administrator Maggie Easton. A document detailing answers to commonly asked questions in relation to funding applications by academics at the Faculty of Law is also available to download.

The School of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences maintains a calendar of funding opportunities which can be used to find upcoming grants. If you find a funding opportunity which you would like to apply for, current staff and researchers can find information on the process via the Staff Documents Moodle, or external applicants can email Maggie Easton at

Please feel free to get in touch with the Faculty via at any time to discuss ideas or questions surrounding research and funding.