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Dr Sinead Agnew's picture
Dr Sinead Agnew

Associate Professor
Professor Albertina Albors-Llorens's picture
Professor Albertina Albors-Llorens

Professor of European Union Law
Professor John Allison's picture
Professor John Allison

Professor of Public Law and Comparative Historical Jurisprudence
Dr Christina Angelopoulos's picture
Dr Christina Angelopoulos

Associate Professor; Director of the Tripos
Professor Kenneth Armstrong's picture
Professor Kenneth Armstrong

Professor of European Law
Professor Catherine Barnard's picture
Professor Catherine Barnard

Professor of European & Employment Law
Professor Lorand Bartels's picture
Professor Lorand Bartels

Professor of International Law
Professor Lionel Bently's picture
Professor Lionel Bently

Professor of Intellectual Property Law (Herchel Smith)
Professor Eyal Benvenisti's picture
Professor Eyal Benvenisti

Whewell Professor of International Law
Dr Fernando Lusa Bordin's picture
Dr Fernando Lusa Bordin

College Associate Professor and John Thornely Fellow in Law, Sidney Sussex College; Fellow, Lauterpacht Centre for International Law
Dr Sean Butler's picture
Dr Sean Butler

College Teaching Officer; Affiliated Lecturer; Director of Studies in Law (St Edmund's College)
Dr Peter Candy's picture
Dr Peter Candy

Unestablished Assistant Professor in Civil Law
Professor Brian R Cheffins's picture
Professor Brian R Cheffins

Professor of Corporate Law (S.J. Berwin); Director of the MCL
Dr Jennifer Cobbe's picture
Dr Jennifer Cobbe

Assistant Professor in Law and Technology
Mr Tristan Cummings's picture
Mr Tristan Cummings

College Teaching Officer (St Catharine's College)
Professor Dominic de Cogan's picture
Professor Dominic de Cogan

Professor Simon F Deakin's picture
Professor Simon F Deakin

Professor of Law
Professor Antje du Bois-Pedain's picture
Professor Antje du Bois-Pedain

Professor of Criminal Law and Philosophy; Deputy Director, Centre for Penal Theory and Ethics (IoC)
Professor Mark Elliott's picture
Professor Mark Elliott

Professor of Public Law; Chair of the Faculty Board
Professor David Erdos's picture
Professor David Erdos

Professor of Law and the Open Society; Director, Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law (CIPIL)
Dr J Ewing's picture
Dr J Ewing

Assistant Professor in Family Law
Dr Raffael Fasel's picture
Dr Raffael Fasel

Yates Glazebrook Fellow and College Assistant Professor in Law, Jesus College; Affiliated Lecturer
Professor Eilis Ferran's picture
Professor Eilis Ferran

Professor of Company and Securities Law
Ms Sarah Fraser Butlin's picture
Ms Sarah Fraser Butlin

Affiliated Lecturer; College Teaching Officer (Selwyn College)
Dr Elaine Freer's picture
Dr Elaine Freer

College Teaching Officer (Robinson College)
Dr Rebecca Freund's picture
Dr Rebecca Freund

College Teaching Officer (Downing College)
Dr Nick Friedman's picture
Dr Nick Friedman

University Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law; Fellow and College Lecturer, St John's College
Dr Markus Gehring's picture
Dr Markus Gehring

Associate Professor; former Director of the Centre for European Legal Studies (CELS)
Dr Matilda Gillis's picture
Dr Matilda Gillis

Research Fellow and College Lecturer; Affiliated Lecturer; Access Officer
Professor Stephen Gilmore's picture
Professor Stephen Gilmore

Professor of Family Law; Director of Cambridge Family Law Centre, CC Ng Fellow in Law and Director of Studies for the LLM, Jesus College Cambridge.
Ms Amy Goymour's picture
Ms Amy Goymour

Associate Professor
Dr Rory Gregson's picture
Dr Rory Gregson

Assistant Professor
Professor Henning Grosse Ruse-Khan's picture
Professor Henning Grosse Ruse-Khan

Professor of Law; Co-Director of the Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law (CIPIL); Fellow and Director of Studies (King's College)
Professor Louise Gullifer's picture
Professor Louise Gullifer

Rouse Ball Professor of English Law
Dr Antara Haldar's picture
Dr Antara Haldar

Associate Professor
Dr Hend Hanafy's picture
Dr Hend Hanafy

Assistant Professor in Criminal Law
Professor Peter Harris's picture
Professor Peter Harris

Professor of Tax Law
Mr Thomas Hawker-Dawson's picture
Mr Thomas Hawker-Dawson

Brenda Hale Fellow in Law (Girton College); Director of Studies in Law (Part IA and IB); Affiliated Lecturer
Dr Anna Heenan's picture
Dr Anna Heenan

University Assistant Professor in Family Law
Dr Lena Holzer's picture
Dr Lena Holzer

Assistant Professor in Gender, Race and the Law
Mr Richard Hooley's picture
Mr Richard Hooley

University Lecturer in Law
Dr Kirsty Hughes's picture
Dr Kirsty Hughes

Associate Professor; Fellow (Clare College); Director of Studies.
Professor Neil Jones's picture
Professor Neil Jones

Professor of English Legal History; Chair of Part IA Examiners
Dr Eleni Katsampouka's picture
Dr Eleni Katsampouka

Fellow and Lecturer in Law (Christ's College)
Mr Nabil Khabirpour's picture
Mr Nabil Khabirpour

College Teaching Officer and Director of Studies (Lucy Cavendish College)
Professor Matthew Kramer's picture
Professor Matthew Kramer

Professor of Legal and Political Philosophy
Dr Tor Krever's picture
Dr Tor Krever

University Assistant Professor in International Law
Dr Narine Lalafaryan's picture
Dr Narine Lalafaryan

University Assistant Professor of Corporate Law; Fellow, Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance
Dr Emilija Leinarte's picture
Dr Emilija Leinarte

University Assistant Professor
Professor Kathleen Liddell's picture
Professor Kathleen Liddell

Director of the Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences; Professor of Intellectual Property and Medical Law
Dr Lorenzo Maniscalco's picture
Dr Lorenzo Maniscalco

College Lecturer in Law; Fellow and Director of Studies in Law (Clare College); Deputy Director of the LLM
Dr James Manwaring's picture
Dr James Manwaring

College Teaching Officer (Homerton College)
Dr Stevie Martin's picture
Dr Stevie Martin

College Lecturer in Law and Fellow/Bye-Fellow at Fitzwilliam and King's Colleges
Mr NJ McBride's picture
Mr NJ McBride

College Lecturer (Pembroke College); Affiliated Lecturer
Dr Rose Melikan's picture
Dr Rose Melikan

College Lecturer (St Catharine's College)
Professor Louise Merrett's picture
Professor Louise Merrett

Professor of International Commercial Law
Dr Kate Miles's picture
Dr Kate Miles
Mr Alistair Mills's picture
Mr Alistair Mills

Fellow and Dias College Assistant Professor in Law, Magdalene College; Affiliated Lecturer
Dr Caterina Milo's picture
Dr Caterina Milo

College Assistant Professor
Professor Jonathan Morgan's picture
Professor Jonathan Morgan

Professor of English Law; Deputy Chair, Faculty Board of Law
Dr Mohamed Moussa's picture
Dr Mohamed Moussa

College Lecturer in Law
Dr Philip Murray's picture
Dr Philip Murray

College Lecturer
Dr Poorna Mysoor's picture
Dr Poorna Mysoor

College Teaching Officer (Lucy Cavendish College); Affiliated Lecturer
Professor Sarah Nouwen's picture
Professor Sarah Nouwen

Professor of International Law
Professor Janet A O'Sullivan's picture
Professor Janet A O'Sullivan

Professor of Private Law
Professor Okeoghene Odudu's picture
Professor Okeoghene Odudu

Professor of Competition Law; EDI Director; Co-Director, Centre for European Legal Studies
Dr Federica Paddeu's picture
Dr Federica Paddeu

Associate Professor of Law and Derek Bowett Fellow, Queens’ College; Fellow, Lauterpacht Centre for International Law
Dr S Palmer's picture
Dr S Palmer

Associate Professor
Dr Alpa Parmar's picture
Dr Alpa Parmar

University Assistant Professor in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice
Dr Brendan Plant's picture
Dr Brendan Plant

College Teaching Officer (Downing College)
Dr Matthew Psycharis's picture
Dr Matthew Psycharis

Fellow and College Lecturer in Law (St Edmund's College) Policy Referendums in Westminster Constitutions
Professor Surabhi Ranganathan's picture
Professor Surabhi Ranganathan

Professor of International Law
Professor Bobby V Reddy's picture
Professor Bobby V Reddy

Professor of Corporate Law and Governance; Chair of the MCL Examiners; Fellow and Director of Studies, Churchill College; J M Keynes Senior Fellow in Financial Economics; Fellow, Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance
Dr Jonathan Rogers's picture
Dr Jonathan Rogers

Associate Professor; Co-Deputy Director of Cambridge Centre for Criminal Justice
Professor Pippa Rogerson's picture
Professor Pippa Rogerson

Professor of Private International Law
Dr Jennifer Russell's picture
Dr Jennifer Russell

Herchel Smith Research and Teaching Fellowship
Dr Joe Sampson's picture
Dr Joe Sampson

University Assistant Professor in Legal History
Dr Andrew Sanger's picture
Dr Andrew Sanger

Associate Professor of International Law
Professor Helen Scott's picture
Professor Helen Scott

Regius Professor of Civil Law; Chair of Part II Examiners; General Editor, Cambridge Law Journal
Ms E Sharpston's picture
Ms E Sharpston

Yorke Distinguished Visiting Fellow; Arthur Goodhart Visiting Professor in Legal Science 2023-24
Dr Liron Shmilovits's picture
Dr Liron Shmilovits

Fellow and College Assistant Professor (Wolfson College)
Professor Sandesh Sivakumaran's picture
Professor Sandesh Sivakumaran

Professor of International Law
Dr Jeffrey M Skopek's picture
Dr Jeffrey M Skopek

Associate Professor; Examinations Secretary
Dr Brian Sloan's picture
Dr Brian Sloan

Assistant Professor; Secretary of the Degree Committee
Professor Lionel Smith's picture
Professor Lionel Smith

Downing Professor of the Laws of England; Director, Cambridge Private Law Centre
Dr Benjamin Spagnolo's picture
Dr Benjamin Spagnolo

Fellow and Trinity Associate Professor in Law
Professor Findlay Stark's picture
Professor Findlay Stark

Professor of Criminal Law; Chair of the Degree Committee
Dr Shona Wilson Stark's picture
Dr Shona Wilson Stark

Associate Professor; Mary Arden Official Fellow in Law
Professor Felix Steffek's picture
Professor Felix Steffek

Professor of Law; Director of International Strategy and Partnerships; Director of the Centre for Corporate and Commercial Law (3CL); University JM Keynes Fellow in Financial Economics
Dr Martin Steinfeld's picture
Dr Martin Steinfeld

College Lecturer in Law, Director of Studies; University Advocate
Dr FC Stolker's picture
Dr FC Stolker

Herchel Smith Teaching/Research Fellow (Emmanuel College)
Dr Stefan Theil's picture
Dr Stefan Theil

Assistant Professor in Public Law, Fellow of Sidney Sussex College
Dr Stelios Tofaris's picture
Dr Stelios Tofaris

Associate Professor; Director of Examinations and Chair of the Part IB Examiners
Dr Rachel Clement Tolley's picture
Dr Rachel Clement Tolley

John Collier Fellow and College Lecturer (Trinity Hall)
Dr Sophie Turenne's picture
Dr Sophie Turenne

Assistant Professor in Comparative Law; Fellow in Law (King's College)
Dr Ernesto Vargas Weil's picture
Dr Ernesto Vargas Weil

Spencer Fairest Teaching Fellow in Law (Selwyn College)
Dr Fotis Vergis's picture
Dr Fotis Vergis

College Lecturer and Fellow in Law, DoS (Law Tripos IA); Affiliated Lecturer Collective Labour Rights after the Treaty of Lisbon as an element of the substantive constitutionalisation of EU law
Dr Lars Vinx's picture
Dr Lars Vinx

Associate Professor; Secretary of Degree Committee
Professor Graham Virgo's picture
Professor Graham Virgo

Professor of English Private Law; Chair of the LLM Examiners
Professor Stephen Watterson's picture
Professor Stephen Watterson

Professor of Private Law
Dr Richard Williams's picture
Dr Richard Williams

Associate Professor; Director of the LLM
Dr Rumiana Yotova's picture
Dr Rumiana Yotova

Assistant Professor in International Law; Fellow and Director of Studies in Law (Gonville & Caius College)
Professor Alison Young's picture
Professor Alison Young

Sir David Williams Professor of Public Law; Director of Research