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books at the Cambridge Law Faculty

University of Cambridge Faculty of Law Legal Studies Research Paper Series (SSRN)

The Faculty publishes a regular working paper series on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). The series focuses on the broad range of legal scholarship in all subject areas from members of the Faculty. The papers are published electronically and are available online or through email distribution.  More information is available in the SSRN section of the website.


  • Professor Brian Cheffins
  • Professor Kathleen Liddell
  • Mr Daniel Bates

The Cambridge Law Journal

The principal publication produced under the aegis of the Faculty is The Cambridge Law Journal, founded in 1921. The journal is the longest established university law journal in the country, and has earned an international reputation as one of the foremost legal periodicals in the world. The Editor has always been a member of the Faculty, and the members of the Editorial Committee are appointed by the Faculty Board. Three issues are produced each year.

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Lionel Bently
General Editor: Professor John Allison
General Editor: Professor Louise Gullifer
Book Review Editor: Dr Stelios Tofaris
Senior Note Editor: Professor David Ibbetson
Secretary and Treasurer: Professor Louise Gullifer
Editorial Assistant: Mrs Felicity Eves-Rey

International Law Reports

The International Law Reports were begun in 1950 by Sir Hersch Lauterpacht, as a continuation of the Annual Digest of International Law Cases, which began in 1929 under the editorship of McNair and Lauterpacht. In 2012 the series reached volume 150.


  • HE Judge Sir Christopher Greenwood, CMG, KC, Peace Palace, The Hague
  • Ms Karen Lee, Lauterpacht Centre for International Law and Girton College

Other LCIL publications

The Lauterpacht Centre for International Law also produces the ICSID Reports, containing reports of cases decided under the convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes between States and Nationals of other States, 1965, and related decisions on the international protection of investments (vol. 14); the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal Reports (1983-), which has now reached vol. 38 and the International Environmental Law Reports (vols. 1-5). The Hersch Lauterpacht Memorial Lecture series is published by CUP under the auspices of the Centre.

Clarendon Studies in Criminology

The Institute of Criminology participates in the publication of the Clarendon Studies in Criminology (published by Oxford University Press). This is a joint venture with the criminology centres at Oxford and the London School of Economics, and is a continuation of the former Cambridge Studies in Criminology.

Cambridge Editors of the Series

  • Dr Kyle Treiber
  • Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe
  • Professor Alison Liebling

Cambridge Studies in English Legal History

The Cambridge Studies in English Legal History, begun in 1921, is published by Cambridge University Press rather than by the Faculty, but has always had a Faculty member as its general editor. 2009 saw the publication of the fifty fifth volume in the series, which includes many classic monographs.

General Editor

Professor Sir John Baker

A number of other publications are also, in effect, based in Cambridge, because of the close involvement of Faculty members in their production. For instance, the present and previous Literary Directors of the Selden Society (Professor NG Jones and Professor Sir John Baker) are members of the Faculty.

Cambridge International Law Journal

The Cambridge International Law Journal (CILJ) succeeds the Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law (CJICL) which was established in 2011 by the postgraduate students of the Cambridge University Law Faculty.

The CILJ is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal with a broad focus on international law. The Journal provides a platform for both young and well-established academics to publish outstanding research on cutting-edge, highly topical international law issues alongside, and in dialogue, with each other.

The Journal is published by Edward Elgar Publishing, a leading international academic and professional publisher with a strong focus on the social sciences and legal fields. The CILJ website lists the Editors-in-chief.