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Professor Barak Ariel's picture
Professor Barak Ariel

Professor of Experimental Criminology
Dr Paolo Campana's picture
Dr Paolo Campana

Associate Professor of Criminology and Complex Networks; MPhil Director
Professor Ben Crewe's picture
Professor Ben Crewe

Professor of Penology and Criminal Justice & Director of the M.St. Programme in Applied Criminology, Penology and Management
Professor Manuel Eisner's picture
Professor Manuel Eisner

Director of the Institute; Wolfson Professor of Criminology
Dr Arushi Garg's picture
Dr Arushi Garg

Assistant Professor
Dr Charles Lanfear's picture
Dr Charles Lanfear

Assistant Professor
Dr Caroline Lanskey's picture
Dr Caroline Lanskey

Associate Professor in Criminology and Criminal Justice
Professor Alison Liebling's picture
Professor Alison Liebling

Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Dr Justice Tankebe's picture
Dr Justice Tankebe

Associate Professor of Criminology
Dr Kyle Treiber's picture
Dr Kyle Treiber

Associate Professor of Neurocriminology
Dr Maria Ttofi's picture
Dr Maria Ttofi

Associate Professor in Psychological Criminology; PhD Director
Professor Leo Zaibert's picture
Professor Leo Zaibert

Andreas von Hirsch Professor of Penal Theory and Ethics; Director of the Centre for Penal Theory and Ethics