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Dr Zoe Adams's picture
Dr Zoe Adams Affiliated Lecturer in Law and Junior Research Fellow
Professor Peter Cane's picture
Professor Peter Cane Yorke Distinguished Visiting Fellow; Affiliated Lecturer
Dr Simon de Smet's picture
Dr Simon de Smet Affiliated Lecturer
Ms Sarah Fraser-Butlin's picture
Ms Sarah Fraser-Butlin Affiliated Lecturer
Mr Leslie Kosmin QC's picture
Mr Leslie Kosmin QC Yorke Distinguished Visiting Fellow 2015-18; Affiliated Lecturer
Dr Christopher Markou's picture
Dr Christopher Markou Affiliated Lecturer
Dr Rose Melikan's picture
Dr Rose Melikan College Lecturer (St Catharine's College); Affiliated Lecturer
Mr Gavin Robert's picture
Mr Gavin Robert Affiliated Lecturer
Dr Brian Sloan's picture
Dr Brian Sloan College Lecturer in Law (Robinson College); Affiliated Lecturer
Mr Mark Smith's picture
Mr Mark Smith Affiliated Lecturer
Dr Martin Steinfeld's picture
Dr Martin Steinfeld College Lecturer in Law, Director of Studies; Affiliated Lecturer; University Advocate
Dr Jamie Trinidad's picture
Dr Jamie Trinidad Fellow, Tutor and Director of Studies (Wolfson College); Fellow (Lauterpacht Centre for International Law); Affiliated Lecturer