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Dr Zoe Adams's picture
Dr Zoe Adams Affiliated Lecturer in Law and Junior Research Fellow
Ms Laura Bradford's picture
Ms Laura Bradford Affiliated Lecturer
Professor Peter Cane's picture
Professor Peter Cane Yorke Distinguished Visiting Fellow; Affiliated Lecturer
Dr Simon de Smet's picture
Dr Simon de Smet Affiliated Lecturer
Professor Christopher F Forsyth's picture
Professor Christopher F Forsyth Affiliated Lecturer
Ms Sarah Fraser-Butlin's picture
Ms Sarah Fraser-Butlin Affiliated Lecturer
Mr Leslie Kosmin QC's picture
Mr Leslie Kosmin QC Yorke Distinguished Visiting Fellow 2015-18; Affiliated Lecturer
Dr Christopher Kuner's picture
Dr Christopher Kuner Affiliated Lecturer
Dr Christopher Markou's picture
Dr Christopher Markou Leverhulme Early Career Fellow + Lecturer
Mr NJ McBride's picture
Mr NJ McBride College Lecturer (Pembroke College); Affiliated Lecturer
Dr Rose Melikan's picture
Dr Rose Melikan College Lecturer (St Catharine's College); Affiliated Lecturer
Ms Penelope Nevill's picture
Ms Penelope Nevill Affiliated Lecturer
Mr Gavin Robert's picture
Mr Gavin Robert Affiliated Lecturer
Dr Yvonne Salmon's picture
Dr Yvonne Salmon Affiliated Lecturer
Dr Brian Sloan's picture
Dr Brian Sloan College Lecturer in Law (Robinson College); Affiliated Lecturer
Mr Mark Smith's picture
Mr Mark Smith Affiliated Lecturer
Dr Martin Steinfeld's picture
Dr Martin Steinfeld College Lecturer in Law, Director of Studies; Affiliated Lecturer; University Advocate
Dr Jamie Trinidad's picture
Dr Jamie Trinidad Fellow, Tutor and Director of Studies (Wolfson College); Fellow (Lauterpacht Centre for International Law); Affiliated Lecturer
Dr Julius Weitzdörfer's picture
Dr Julius Weitzdörfer Affiliated Lecturer; Director of Studies
Dr Rumiana Yotova's picture
Dr Rumiana Yotova Lecturer and Director of Studies in Law (Gonville & Caius College); Affiliated Lecturer